Tombigbee Outreach - Demopolis AL 36732

1100 South Cedar Avenue Demopolis AL 36732

Tombigbee Outreach is a community-based, residential treatment center for people with substance abuse issues. Tombigbee Outreach is affiliated with the Bryan Whitfield Center for Alcohol and Drug Services and the Substance Abuse Treatment Services Division of the Alabama Department of Alcohol and Drug Abuse. The center is located on 1100 South Cedar Avenue in Demopolis, Alabama, just off of Highway 66 in Southaven. In addition to the in-house programs, the center has several out-patient programs for adults and families in the area. They also provide comprehensive mental health care to the community, including outpatient substance abuse, family therapy, individual psychotherapy, group therapy and medication management.\n\n \n\nTombigbee Outreach is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1988. Its mission is to help people suffering from substance abuse disorders. They provide individual, family, group psychotherapy, medication management and psychiatric services. They also offer residential alcohol and drug rehab services for those who are struggling with an addiction or have been through an addiction. The goal of the treatment centers is to help people become alcohol free and stay alcohol free by using a comprehensive approach that is designed to address the full range of substance abuse problems. They offer personalized treatment plans and follow up services throughout the recovery process to help patients maintain their recovery.\n\n \n\nSubstance abuse is one of the largest problems facing our society today. With millions of people suffering from this disease, it is crucial that we work together to find a cure. Programs like Tombigbee Outreach, that offer comprehensive outpatient substance abuse, family therapy and medication management treatments and services, offer hope to many who struggle with substance abuse.


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