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Addiction treatment programs at Tri County Treatment Center can help you overcome your addiction. “For nearly thirty years, The New Seasons Treatment Center in Birmingham, Alabama has been a leader in the outpatient treatment industry that specializes in providing quality, safe treatment for people living with opiate use disorder (?OPID?). Operating in over 70 treatment facilities across 22 counties, we help individuals and families affected by this condition. Our program strives to empower the addict by giving them the tools to manage the addiction effectively and stay off of the street while achieving total healing.” “The New Seasons Treatment Center is proud to work with some of the finest mental health professionals in the country including clinical psychologists and clinical social workers.” “We are committed to meeting the needs of our patients with compassion and understanding, while helping them understand their illness so they can take control of their lives and move forward toward recovery.”\n\nAddiction treatment center offers a wide range of options to help you and your family overcome addiction. It offers individual and family therapy, alcohol and drug detoxification, outpatient addiction treatment, and an inpatient rehab program. It provides residential care, outpatient drug treatment and outpatient detox. Addiction treatment center in Birmingham Alabama offers several different types of treatment such as medication-assisted treatment, residential treatment, short term residential care and long-term residential treatment. For those suffering from substance abuse, it offers various types of detoxification services. It also offers a variety of addiction services such as family counseling, case management, education, and other forms of outreach. It is located in Birmingham, Alabama and is known throughout the state for its addiction treatment programs.\n\nAddiction treatment center in Birmingham Alabama can help you get the help you need. “We understand that it’s critical to your recovery that you receive the highest level of care from a professional addiction treatment center. As a trusted leader in the field of addiction treatment, we strive to provide you with the very best care in order to meet your needs.” “We have a proven track record of success and have helped millions of people overcome addiction. We are dedicated to building strong partnerships with our clients so we can help you achieve your recovery goals.” “As a leading substance abuse treatment facility in the state of Alabama, we are committed to providing our patients the highest level of care and support.”

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