True Self Recovery Rogers AR 72756

1104 N 2nd St Rogers AR 72756

True Self Recovery Sober Living in Rogers Arkansas is a program developed by David Keene and has been around for several years. The program focuses on helping the alcoholics to develop a new life of sobriety by providing tools and resources that allow them to gain the insight and understanding they need so as to become more comfortable with their new life and get back to leading a more productive and successful life.

The Dr Keene program is designed to provide the addicts with a complete change in mindset and attitude. It is designed to help the addict overcome addiction to alcohol. As the addict is on the road towards recovery they will also be taught about their personal strengths and weaknesses and will learn to focus on their positive qualities rather than on their negative traits. The addict will also be taught about healthy and bad habits and will learn how to change the habits that they are doing to stay away from alcohol. These are just a few of the resources that are available to the recovering addict.

Dr Keene is the founder of the program and has been an alcohol and drug recovery specialist for many years. He has helped thousands of addicts to recover from alcohol and drug addiction. In addition to his expertise in helping addicts overcome addiction Dr. Keene also works with a variety of other individuals who are addicted to alcohol. He helps those people who are struggling with addiction to find a way to take control of their lives. He also works to help those who have been victims of sexual abuse as well as to offer information on dealing with the sexual addiction as well.

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