Veterans Affairs Medical Center - Tuscaloosa AL 35404

3701 Loop Road East Tuscaloosa AL 35404

The Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Tuscaloosa Alabama offers a variety of mental health care services to veterans. Many of the patients are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or other mental health conditions which are causing them serious problems in their daily lives. The center is committed to providing treatment to veterans who have experienced life threatening situations or who are suffering from psychiatric illnesses. If you or someone you know needs help, the staff at the Veterans affairs center will provide you with a variety of mental health and substance abuse services including drug detoxification, medication-assisted detoxification, residential treatment, outpatient treatment and outpatient rehabilitation.\n\n \n\nVeterans Affairs Medical Center, Substance abuse treatment Methadone maintenance daymark treatment, alcohol and drug abuse treatment center. The center’s mission is to meet the mental health and emotional needs of veterans by providing a wide range of services such as individual and family counseling, group therapy, therapeutic recreation, therapeutic education and training programs, and other treatment options. The center is dedicated to providing quality treatment for veterans suffering from mental illnesses, physical disabilities, substance abuse and co-occurring conditions such as depression and anxiety disorders. The center offers many services which are aimed at treating the psychological, emotional and social problems of veterans while reducing their risk of substance abuse and addiction. These services include outpatient rehabilitation programs, residential treatment programs, outpatient stabilization programs, inpatient treatment programs and outpatient stabilization programs. Inpatient treatment involves specialized therapies such as inpatient rehabilitation and detoxification, and outpatient treatment includes group and individual therapy.\n\n \n\nVeterans Affairs Medical Center, Substance abuse rehabilitation Treatment Residential treatment centers provide the most effective method of treatment for substance abusers. This is because these centers provide individual, family and group therapy and offer the individual the opportunity to attend on a weekly or monthly basis depending on their specific needs. The residential treatment program includes several different types of programs for substance abusers, which may include inpatient detoxification, inpatient stabilization, inpatient and outpatient maintenance programs and various outpatient treatment options. A good example of an inpatient program at the center includes the residential Methadone Maintenance Program, which includes 24-hour detoxification and stabilization services for methadone addicts. The Residential Rehab Program helps addicts build a sense of self and accountability by helping them identify their needs and create a personalized plan that meets those needs.

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