Walker Recovery Center Inc - Jasper AL 35504

2195 North Airport Road Jasper AL 35504

Walker Recovery Center has become one of the largest centers for rehabilitation for the addicts in the state of Wisconsin. It is also the most well-known drug rehabilitation facility for its treatment of alcohol addicts. This center is accredited by many drug and alcohol treatment associations. The center treats those suffering from addiction from every aspect of the substance abuse problem such as alcohol and drug dependence, alcoholism, sexual addiction, gambling addiction, Internet addiction and even the use of illegal drugs. All types of addicts are treated with the same love and compassion and in their own special way. Walker Recovery center does not discriminate based on age, gender, race, marital status, or even medical conditions. It focuses on treating each addict holistically and helps them to stay away from the destructive patterns of addiction.\n\nWalker Recovery Center has the best treatment programs that are designed especially to treat drug and alcohol addiction. These programs include both inpatient and outpatient services. This treatment center provides customized rehabilitation treatment that helps the patients overcome their addiction problem and regain their healthy lives. The Center gives complete attention to every aspect of the treatment including medical care, medication, counseling and education programs. Drug and alcohol detoxification program is also given utmost importance and it gives a long term help to the patients in getting rid of their addiction. Methadone maintenance is given to these patients for maintenance of their mental stability while on medication.\n\nThere are many centers in the state of Wisconsin, which provide different treatment programs to their patients. If you are an addict, you must consult with your physician before you select a center for the treatment of your addiction. The Center is fully equipped to handle all the treatment related issues. The staff of the Center is trained professionals who are highly qualified and experienced.


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