Walters Mimi - Mesa AZ 85202

1255 W. Baseline Road
(480) 820-0825(480) 820-0825

The latest addition to the family, the Walters Mimi in Mesa AZ offers a full service spa experience. This unique and modern spa offers a variety of body treatments that are sure to give you and your family total relaxation and rejuvenation. You and your family can experience a variety of spa treatments including skin care, hair care and massage therapy, all done at one of the most beautiful spas in the area. Whether you are looking for a day to relax or you want to celebrate your new arrival, you are sure to find the perfect combination to suit you. The Mimi in Mesa also offers a full service salon for men and women.

If you are looking for a unique experience or you would like to enjoy a relaxing night at one of the world’s best casinos, the Mavericks Barber Chair is just what you are looking for. Located in Downtown Mesa, the Mavericks Chair is the only barber chair on the west coast designed especially for the comfort of your new family member. Enjoy a relaxing evening with your family, friends, and special someone while enjoying top-of-the-line amenities and world class entertainment. There are two separate rooms in the Mavericks Chair. The “Furling Salon” is available for children and teens, while the “Family Room” offers you and your family the chance to relax and watch movies, eat appetizers, and enjoy snacks. Guests can even use the barber chair to create custom haircuts.

If you would like to enjoy the same relaxing ambiance, ambience and convenience as those found in the “Furling Salon,” the “Family Room” is the place for you. With over twenty-four televisions and more than thirty-five televisions in the main sitting room, your family is sure to feel right at home while enjoying their stay at the Mavericks Chair. Each room features a plush bed and a comfortable chair with a comfortable recline for maximum comfort. If you would like, guests can enjoy the amenities at the “Furling Salon” for an added treat, or you can enjoy the same high-class entertainment from the comfort of the “Family Room.” Whatever you prefer, there is a chair for you in the new, fully renovated Mavericks Chair Spa.

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