West Alabama Mental Health Center - Butler AL 36904

401 Rodgers Street Butler AL 36904

West Alabama Mental Health Center is an integrated community mental healthcare center located in the West Belt area of Alabama serving Greene, Sumter, Choctaw, Hale and Marengo counties. WAMHC is an integral community mental care facility providing healthcare services to individuals with mental illnesses, those with developmental disabilities, drug and alcohol dependence and other developmental disorders. The center offers a wide range of therapeutic, medical, and behavioral services for the treatment of psychiatric conditions, developmental disabilities and drug addiction. Its goal is to develop and maintain a community environment that promotes individual and family recovery.\n\n \n\nThe center was established in 1989 and serves the residents of Greene, Marengo and Hale counties in northwest Alabama and surrounding areas including Lauderdale, Monroe, and Tuscaloosa counties. The mission of WAMHC is to provide a safe and secure environment for residents while offering ongoing support and care to those who are experiencing symptoms and concerns related to mental disorders and developmental disorders. It also strives to promote and encourage the development of healthy family relationships and foster an environment that is free from substance abuse. Its five community-based programs, which include family therapy, in-home support groups, educational seminars, and support networks, are designed to meet the needs of its community of patients, their families, and their communities. WAMHC offers a variety of services including residential treatment, group and family therapy, mental health counseling, medication therapy, life skills training, employment counseling, emergency services and other specialized services.\n\n \n\nAs the population of the United States increases and ages, more people will become affected by mental health issues. One of the primary causes of this increase is the fact that people of all ages are living in stressful and demanding environments. People with mental disorders are no exception. In order to help them cope with their mental conditions and develop positive and lasting solutions, community-based mental healthcare providers like WAMHC, like most others, seek to alleviate their symptoms and conditions through the use of effective therapies, medications and behavioral interventions. These professionals help their patients by helping them identify the sources of their anxiety and stress, learning how to manage their stress and learn to manage their reactions in everyday situations, and helping them develop healthy relationships and self-help strategies. When a patient seeks professional medical attention, the staff at WAMHC provides ongoing mental health treatment through various forms of medication and mental therapies. To be able to provide these services at a center with high-quality mental healthcare is the best possible result for an individual.

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