West Alabama Mental Health Center - Livingston AL 35470

1121 North Washington Street Livingston AL 35470

The West Alabama Mental Health Center, situated on the outskirts of Bessemer, Alabama, has long been one of the most famous mental health care centers in the nation. This center is known for providing comprehensive, specialized, and compassionate care to a large number of people from all walks of life. This center was established in 1980 and serves a large part of the community. Many individuals have moved into the area in the past several years and they come from all over the country to seek treatment at the center.\n\n \n\nThe facilities that the mental health center offers can range anywhere from a small group setting, to a larger facility with a private setting that can accommodate many patients. The staff at this center understands that each patient requires different care and they make sure that the care is provided accordingly. Most of the patients have experienced a traumatic event or a mental disorder that has caused their lives to be altered, but many patients do not know that they suffer from the illness or mental disorder. This center works to identify and treat any mental illnesses and disorders that patients may experience in order to make them feel better and to return to their normal lives.\n\n \n\nThe staff at this center works closely with the patients in order to determine the severity of their mental illness. In addition to diagnosing patients, they work with them on ways to improve the quality of their life as well as their mental health. The staff also tries to make sure that patients are receiving proper therapy in order to help them deal with their problems. The staff at this facility provides services such as individual therapy, couples counseling, family therapy, and group therapy. They also provide specialized counseling as well.

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