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1701 Avenue D, Birmingham, AL 35218

Mental Health is the state of mental health or the absence of mental disorder. It’s the state of a person who is” functioning at a satisfactory degree of emotional and behavioural adjustment”. It doesn’t matter whether the person has depression or schizophrenia, if he or she is not coping up with his/her surroundings and people around him/her then he or she would be considered as mentally unwell and that can be an indication of serious health problems like: low self esteem, low concentration, poor focus, lack of patience, lack of courage, and lack of social interactions etc. And as a result the person may also suffer from severe emotional problems like: irritability, fear, tension, insecurity, and hopelessness.

In order to determine the extent of mental health, psychologists have many ways to go about it. These include: interviewing the person; observation; self assessment; and various psychometric tests. When psychologists observe the person they have to find out the kind of response that he/she gives whenever the psychologist asks them questions pertaining to his/her mental health. The psychologists then analyze the answers and try to see how similar the answers are to other cases that the person had faced. They may also have to take note of any problems that the person has faced in the past. Psychologists may ask the person to describe the situation in which he/she feeling anxious or nervous; then try to figure out how that situation affected him/her.

Another way to determine the level of mental health of the patient is by observing the patient’s behavior and thoughts. This is done by taking notes about what the patient is doing when the psychologist is interviewing him/her. Psychologists who have observed these things will be able to give the best diagnosis. Some people prefer to have a physical examination rather than a mental one. If the person is suffering from a major mental disorder then doctors may refer him/her to psychiatrists. A psychiatrist will be able to check up on the patient’s condition by doing tests like: blood pressure; brain waves; urine test; and electroencephalography.

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