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The women’s choice pregnancy clinic in Scottsdale AZ is the center of choice for many women when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction treatments. A comprehensive, state of the art treatment facility, it offers a full range of treatment services. Women have gone on to lead productive, fulfilling lives. Here is just a small sample of the many programs and services offered by this Arizona addiction recovery center:

“An innovative and comprehensive addiction and substance abuse treatment center, Arizona Women’s Choice Pregnancy Clinic, offer a variety of treatment programs that range from the very simple, such as detoxification and outpatient therapy, to the more sophisticated, such as a residential drug treatment center. Welcome to Addiction Treatment Center, an innovative program of outpatient and inpatient treatment designed to improve the quality of life of women and their families.” “The mission of Arizona Women’s Choice Pregnancy Clinic, Inc., is to promote quality, comprehensive and effective treatment of patients in a culturally competent, patient-centered environment. Our goal is to improve the lives of all who have come to our clinic through our comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction programs. As one of the leading treatment centers in the Southwest, Arizona Women’s Choice Pregnancy Clinic will work to meet the needs of individuals, couples and families.” “This center is committed to providing its patients with a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to drug and alcohol addiction and recovery.” “As a fully accredited outpatient treatment program, our programs are designed to help patients return to a healthy lifestyle that enables them to lead a normal, productive, satisfying life.

“This clinic is known to be an outstanding option for individuals, couples and families who suffer from alcohol and drug addiction treatments.” “A comprehensive outpatient addiction and substance abuse treatment program with an emphasis on the holistic approach. We provide customized care in our 12-step recovery program to provide both short term and long term success.” “We strive to make our clients feel comfortable, supported and safe during their drug and alcohol addiction recovery period.” “For women, this treatment facility provides personalized, effective and medically supervised medication-assisted therapy, individual and family counseling, and support groups in the areas of education, parenting, marriage, and career. Our treatment centers offer a full array of addiction treatments.”

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Substance abuse and alcoholism are an epidemic. In the United States alone, alcohol, prescription drugs, marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and other illegal substances are responsible for […]
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