Fort Myers Drug and Alcohol Rehab

An Addiction Now Drug Rehab Center: With You on Your Journey of Sobriety

People always underestimate the power of drugs has on their lives until addiction hits, and they can no longer function without them. Each one of their actions relies on getting and taking drugs. The first step is to admit you have a problem you can’t overcome on your own, express your concern and come to our drug rehab center in Fort Myers, Florida so we can help you move towards sustainable recovery. The first move we make to help you get treatment at our Fort Myers addiction treatment center is to offer supervised detox. This is an essential method to help you get through this, it helps remove drugs from your system entirely. However, it is not easy, withdrawal symptoms may be severe and difficult to handle.

Additionally, the chances of relapse are very high, that’s why we relieve the withdrawal symptoms and carefully guide you through this. By doing so, we will have established a foundation that will help you continue treatment and sobriety. To help you handle anything that may come your way, our Fort Myers substance abuse treatment facility offers professionally supervised detox to provide support. Our drug rehab clinic boasts a team of highly trained counselors who walk closely with clients during this difficult time and offer them professional care through counseling sessions and managed withdrawal to prevent them from going back to drug use.

In some cases, people who are hooked on drugs might suffer from mental illnesses concurrently with their addiction. In such a case if they continue to use the drugs it may worsen their condition. That is why at our Addiction Now recovery center we strive to ensure that this does not happen by offering dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Nearly half of the people who struggle through addiction are going through an underlying issue that needs to be addressed to fully overcome the addiction.

Dual diagnosis treatment at our addiction recovery center in Fort Myers is important. We help you and your loved ones identify the causes of your addiction that will put you in a better position to understand the relationship between the mental disorder and drug addiction. This is essential to recovery. It also helps clients develop coping skills. In comparison to another addiction recovery facility, Addiction Now and our Fort Myers substance abuse treatment facility boasts state-of-the-art equipment. Moreover, the addiction recovery facility is highly secured to prevent client suffering.

We also understand that community is everything when it comes to helping people recover from addictions. That’s why we hold group sessions together so clients and share their stories to help motivate and encourage each other in their recovery. Our skilled professionals go the extra mile to help by getting to know more about the history of the client so that they can create a treatment plan that suits each client personally. We guide you or your loved ones every step of the way through supervised detoxification programs to therapies to aftercare in order to ensure that they recover fully. We do not stop there as we conduct follow-ups to make sure that our clients are coping well with sobriety. Our addiction treatment clinic in Fort Myers, Florida is one of a kind. We offer a shoulder to lean on even after client have left our treatment program. We are always there for them whenever they feel the need to talk to someone or need additional treatment. That goes a long way and makes sure clients do not relapse. Call Addiction Now today to get started.

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