Kendall Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Your Drug Rehab Journey

For some, entering our Kendall, Florida drug rehab center is seemingly complex and a bit scary at first. To allay your fear, knowing what to expect can be helpful. This is particularly true now that you have made the decision to pursue recovery. Our Kendall, Florida addiction recovery facility generally begins with a supervised detox, and includes group therapy, ongoing treatment, and for some clients, dual diagnosis mental health treatment.

Our Kendall, Florida drug treatment facility takes your recovery seriously, and guides you through a varied and welcoming approach to treatment. While in our Kendall, Florida drug rehab clinic, you will be able to honestly discuss your life’s obstacles without fear of consequence. This is a vital and mandatory aspect of our drug detox clinic environment. If your treatment is to be positively life-altering, it should originate in an environment where you could be yourself, with the full openness and honesty that comes from being honest.

For some clients, it may be determined that they are dealing with a co-occurring mental health disorder. At our Kendall, Florida substance abuse treatment facility, clients who require it are afforded the benefit of dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Addiction does not happen in a vacuum, and in some instances, the client may be struggling with both addiction and a co-occurring disorder. Here at our Kendall, Florida drug addiction treatment center, we know dual diagnosis will help you find an effective path to recovery.

You’ll develope a sense of community with your fellow clients at our Kendall, Florida addiction treatment center through group therapy. In addition to undergoing a supervised detox process, you will see issues that you thought were mountains become molehills in no time. It is our drug rehab center’s goal to ensure that you not only overcome substance abuse, but that you also receive the tools necessary to navigate life’s bumpier roads before you leave our Kendall, Florida addiction treatment center.

Not all addiction recovery center clients are alike, and neither should their treatment plans. Having an customized course of action that has been personalized to the client’s own set of circumstances, needs, and goals is essential for the long term success of a recovery.

At our Kendall, Florida drug rehab center, we care about our clients, and we want to teach skills that can easily be accessed from your recovery toolbox before your problems take root again. Our approach to treatment has helped many clients achieve their goals for recovery over the years. We hope that you’ll take part in the addiction recovery treatment at our Kendall, Florida substance abuse treatment center.

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