North Miami Drug and Alcohol Rehab

If you’re in dire need of assistance in the battle against addiction, our friendly, well-trained experts are waiting to offer you the help you need. Get in touch with one of our addiction counselors today, and we can get you started in the journey to recovery. Our North Miami, Florida addiction recovery treatment center has helped many clients achieve the goals they have set for recovery, and you can benefit from our expertise. When you enroll at our drug rehab clinic, you’ll gain access to cutting edge addiction recovery treatment, administered by our friendly and qualified staff. There is no better time to begin your recovery journey!

We know that the treatment you need will not necessarily be the same treatment that will be most effective for your peers in the drug rehab clinic. In order to account for this eventuality and provide every single one of our clients with the impeccable level of care that is our standard, we make sure that every person who enters our North Miami, Florida drug rehab center is given a fully customized plan for addiction recovery treatment. This allows us to be sure that every one of our clients is getting the care they need to reach recovery.

In order to provide every client with a personalized plan for addiction recovery treatment, you will begin your journey at our drug rehab facility by taking part in an in-depth interview. It is of paramount importance that you are honest during the intake interview — not only with the friendly and experience expert conducting the interview, but with also yourself. This is essential because the details gathered by the staff member conducting your interview will then use this information to inform the creation of your substance abuse treatment program.

Roughly half of those people who enroll at our North Miami, Florida substance abuse treatment center are not only struggling to overcome an addiction, they are also dealing with a co-occurring mental health disorder. If a client is dealing with both an addiction and a co-occurring disorder, they can benefit from dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Dual diagnosis is a method of treatment that allows the client to overcome both their addiction and any co-occurring disorders. By treating both the addiction and the co-occurring disorder during the time the client spends at our addiction recovery center, we can provide a better chance that the client remains sober once they have left our facility.

In order to ensure that the recovery our clients experience is lasting, every client receives a personalized plan for aftercare treatment when they graduate from our addiction recovery program. This means that our clients can be assured that they will continue to receive support from our North Miami, Florida drug addiction treatment center even after they have graduated. At our drug rehab clinic, our clients are our priority. We will do everything in our power to ensure that you are able to attain and maintain the goals that you have set for recovery.

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