Palm Bay Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Even when faced with serious health or legal consequences, many people can find it difficult to overcome a substance use disorder. An addiction can cause people to lose their jobs and important family relationships, but help is available. Palm Bay drug detox programs exist to help people of all ages and backgrounds get out of the cycle of addiction.

Palm Bay Inpatient Drug Rehab

Palm Bay inpatient drug detox centers provide 24-hour help that’s often best for people with serious addictions. The treatment, which requires patients to stay overnight at a clinic, uses a recovery process based on scientific research. Each person who joins the program is assessed by a substance use disorder specialist.

Drug detox programs help the patient get drugs out of their system safely. To help the patient with withdrawal symptoms, the doctor may administer various medications.

Our addiction treatment specialists can connect individuals to Palm Bay inpatient drug detox centers. These programs are for people who live in Palm Bay, Melbourne, Indian Harbour Beach and Satellite Beach, as well as other nearby areas. All services provided are confidential, and each person’s privacy is maintained.

Palm Bay Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

In some cases, it’s not feasible for a patient to stay at an inpatient center for an extended period of time. Outpatient addiction treatment programs make it possible for patients to overcome their substance use disorder in a safe, modern environment and return to their homes at night. This type of a situation makes it possible for a person to connect with family members, maintain a job and handle other necessary responsibilities.

Typical outpatient services can have a duration of one to three months of intensive treatment. These are followed by aftercare to help reduce the chances of relapse. Programs can also provide access to individual and group therapy, which can allow people to work on their communication and stress reduction skills, as well as anger management. Counselors can also help patients develop skills that will make it easier to reintegrate into the community, and avoid the places and situations that may trigger drug use.

Palm Bay Addiction Treatment Programs

People who complete addiction treatment programs are more likely to move past their substance use disorders and avoid possible relapses. Many programs focus on behavior services, which attempts to address the reasons why a person may choose to take drugs. Drug rehab can also facilitate a person’s ability to maintain healthy relationships with family and friends. This makes it possible for a person to build a supportive social network that encourages a drug-free lifestyle.

Whether a person is battling an addiction to drugs including heroin, prescription drugs, meth or cocaine, our addiction specialists can help that individual find the proper Palm Bay drug detox program. Call us today to learn about the various treatment options.

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