Port Orange Drug and Alcohol Rehab

We are ready to be your partner in your addiction recovery journey.

Welcome to Addiction Now, our addiction recovery facility in Port Orange, Florida, where we are here to support you as you begin your journey of recovery and healing. We are happy that you have made the choice to overcome your addiction and are ready to work with you as your partner in the recovery process. In our addiction recovery center, you will find a supportive and professional environment where you can take the first steps towards reclaiming your freedom and becoming who you want to be. Our team will work hard to help you overcome your addiction and become your best self.

Detox from drug addiction is challenging, and not something to be attempted alone. But with our care team, you don’t have to. Our Port Orange, Florida addiction treatment center provides the tools that will empower you to overcome the drug addiction with which you have been struggling. We use a supervised detox approach that ensures that you will be safe and cared for throughout your stay. We will monitor you and keep you as comfortable as possible.

We utilize dual diagnosis mental health treatment, which combines treatment for not just the addiction, but also anxiety, depression, and any other conditions that can make recovery more complicated. We utilize this approach because we believe in the importance of treating not just the addiction, but the whole person. Following detox, we will provide supportive therapy that will help you achieve a lasting recovery. This process is tailored individually to each client to ensure that we find the best treatment for you while in our drug rehab clinic.

You and your fellow clients will also have the opportunity to form a support community while in our Port Orange, Florida drug rehab center that will help you achieve greater success in your addiction recovery journey. Your extended support group will provide a space for each of you to comfort and encourage each other. In this environment, it is important for each client to speak openly and honestly so that everyone can give and receive the support and healing that they need. This group will ensure that you will have support from someone who understands exactly what you are going through during your stay in our addiction treatment clinic.

As you leave our Port Orange, Florida substance abuse treatment facility, we will work together to find an aftercare strategy to prevent relapse that will best help you as an individual. This could include strategies such as extended monitoring, controlled living environments, or ongoing visits with mental health professionals to help you to continue to be drug-free. Our team wants to work with you to help you find continuing success and enjoyment in your new life.

We look forward to helping you become drug-free today, and are ready to help. We invite you to contact us here at our Port Orange, Florida substance abuse treatment clinic, so that we can begin your journey to recovery together.

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