The Villages Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Recovering from addiction is possible, but only if the recovering person has the perfect blend of necessary elements. One of those elements is our Addiction Now drug rehab center. Our addiction treatment center in The Villages, Florida has a selection of the treatment that people in recovery need the most. We have additional features, as well. Those top elements include cutting edge treatment designed to get you the support you deserve.

A Clean and Safe Property

You’ll experience a sense of peace the moment you enter our The Villages, Florida addiction recovery center. When you arrive at our drug rehab clinic, you’ll be struck by how clean and well-lit our facilities are. You’ll meet our hardworking staff members and the individuals who watch out for all the residents and makes sure that they’re okay. Our substance abuse treatment facility will act as your home away from home, so went to ensure that you receive the access to the accommodations you deserve.

Supervised Detox Resources

We have a dedicated area in our The Villages, Florida drug rehab clinic for supervised detoxification services. We understand the importance of eliminating toxins from the body before they can be eliminated from the rest of your being. Therefore, we offer supervised detoxification at our Addiction Now addiction recovery facility so that you can go through the difficult process surrounded by staff that can support you. Having a support system during detox decreases the chances of a relapse.

Dedicated Therapists

We have dedicated specialists at our The Villages, Florida addiction recovery center who will help you get to the root of the problem. This person will meet with you one-on-one and try to help you cut addiction off at the root. Dual diagnosis treatment is available if you have a co-occurring mental health issue that has contributed to your addiction. We can offer you the treatment that you deserve for both issues.

Group Counseling Opportunities

You will have the opportunity to talk with a group of your peers about their experiences with addiction and share advice with them. These persons will help you to overcome urges and lead the life you desire. You may even make some new friends in the process.

Relapse Prevention Strategies

Relapse prevention strategies are important at our The Villages, Florida addiction treatment clinic. You won’t leave our facility without receiving some help developing the strategies that will keep you healthy. Furthermore, we go the extra mile and offer you aftercare support even after you leave the facility. Graduating from the program is only the beginning of the rest of your life. You will have to have the tools to fight temptation and live a clean existence in recovery. We put extra effort into ensuring that you get your fill of relapse prevention support.

Come and See What We’re About

We can’t fully express the extent of our services unless you visit our facility and see for yourself. You’ll talk with one of the staff members, walk around the building and get a deeper explanation of everything that we offer in our program. Recovery is right around the corner once you make the first step. Call now, and don’t waste another moment.

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