Wellington Drug and Alcohol Rehab

For those who are struggling with a drug addiction, you need a professional addiction treatment center that can provide the resources and guidance you need to overcome this. With the caring specialists at Addiction Now, you can find the support and knowledge necessary to break free from dependence and move on to a happy, healthy life.

First, you need to come to terms with your addiction as a chronic brain disease. Once you admit to yourself that you have a problem you can’t control nor overcome on your own, you will be in a better position to commit yourself to treatment.

When you first come to our addiction treatment center in Wellington, Florida, you will be assessed during intake and supervised during withdrawal. The side effects and symptoms you will go through will not be pleasant, but they will be watched over carefully by our caring specialists.

Then you will go through therapy and counseling sessions. Individual therapy will provide the guidance and comprehensively customized addiction treatment program while you go through group therapy for continued support to receive insight and advice from people who are going through the same struggles. The empathy and community you experience here will motivate and inspire you.

At our drug rehab center in Wellington, you will also be screened for any dual diagnosis conditions. Nearly half of the people who are going through a drug addiction are also going through a mental health issue that needs to be addressed in order to overcome this dependence. With the proper diagnosis, you will know what the core issues are and work towards eradicating them.

Finally, when you go to leave our Wellington addiction recovery facility, you will depart with the comprehensive, customized, and continuously altered addiction treatment plan that will be created with our professional staff. You will never be alone when you come to our addiction treatment center in Wellington. You will have the support and guidance you need to beat this for good.

You don’t have to keep doing this alone. You can have the resources to get through this once and for all. All you have to do to get started is call our addiction treatment center in Wellington, Florida, and we will begin setting up an appointment for a free consultation. Don’t do this any longer, today is the day you can begin your new life. There’s no time to waste. We’re here when you make the decision to pick up that phone.

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