Chamblee Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The Severity of Drug Addiction and How Treatment Helps

When facing a drug addiction, it becomes extremely important that you get the help you need from a licensed substance abuse treatment facility. Our Chamblee, Georgia addiction recovery center will be ready to help you overcome your drug problem.

One of the most important parts of the process is supervised detox. This is almost always challenging for the client, and it requires proper supervision to ensure the health of the client and to help prevent relapses. It is vital to the overall success of the client that the proper detox procedures are adhered to.

After the initial stabilization of the symptoms of withdrawal, our supervised detox program is designed to shift the focus to support and monitoring of the client as the harmful drugs leave their body, and to manage the often unpleasant side effects that may come with the detox process. The detoxification process of many drugs will involve withdrawal symptoms, which can be dangerous, and so it is very important that the client receives proper care throughout.

Our Chamblee, Georgia drug rehab clinic will offer a rehabilitation service that is unparalleled by offering you round the clock support to ensure your recovery needs are always met. Our inpatient facilities offer their patients the ability to focus entirely on their recovery by reducing the number of potential distractions. Since the programs involve round the clock care, it enables clients to really focus their efforts and attention on getting healthy.

The environment at an addiction recovery facility is a safe and nurturing one where support is given not only by the staff members but also by the clients themselves, working together to create a tightly knit support network to help conquer addiction.

One of the most important parts of recovery at our Chamblee, Georgia addiction treatment center is to always be open and honest when in therapy or group sessions. The environment is created to be safe and supportive, and so dishonesty will only delay the healing process. It is absolutely vital to be open and honest so that healing can occur.

The staff at our Chamblee, Georgia drug rehab center will ensure that the treatment plan created for you and tailored to your individual needs, and thus geared to help ensure you succeed in recovery. When a client is dealing with addiction and a co-occurring disorder, one of the most important aspects of care is dual diagnosis. Often times, co-occurring disorders can complicate issues in the recovery process, and the staff will be trained to handle any issues that may arise during your treatment.

The process may seem intimidating from the outside, but our treatment programs are designed to help clients rid themselves of addiction and lead happy and healthy lives.

After your stay at our Chamblee, Georgia drug rehab clinic is complete there are many aftercare and outpatient options available to help ensure that relapse does not occur. Aftercare can involve attending a 12-step program or support groups, as well as individual and group counseling sessions. If you are ready to face your addiction, contact our Chamblee, Georgia addiction treatment facility today.

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