Pooler Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Find Help at a Drug Rehab Center

Having a substance abuse problem can be a roller coaster. The cycle of trust and betrayal, progress and failure, and the ebb and flow of emotions can take its toll on everyone involved. This cycle can be broken with hard work, determination, and some professional help.

While some people think that they can overcome their addiction on their own, most will soon discover that recovery and a new life is a more attainable goal with the professional assistance available from our drug rehab center. Our addiction treatment center in Pooler, Georgia is here to help people overcome their addictions in a safe and professional environment.

One major benefit of using our Pooler, Georgia addiction recovery facility is having professional supervision during detox. The detox process can be painful, frightening, and dangerous. Professionals at our substance abuse treatment facility can monitor the client and act accordingly to help make the process as safe and the client as comfortable as possible.

In addition to supervised detox, our addiction recovery center can provide a proper mental health diagnosis for any co-occurring disorders and provide treatment options thanks to dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Clients may have co-occurring mental health issues that can contribute to their addiction. Detecting and treating these issues can greatly improve the client’s chances of a successful recovery.

As anyone who has dealt with addiction knows, community support is also a very important part of the recovery process. Our treatment center not only provides professional counseling, we also provide peer support groups. Our clients can meet their peers who are struggling with similar issues. They can make friendships, share both positive and negative experiences, and help each other through their respective struggles. Clients will realize that they are not alone in their battles when they make connections with people in a similar situation.

Our addiction treatment clinic in Pooler, Georgia provides a safe and comfortable atmosphere where the client can feel secure and protected. Our staff is friendly and caring, as well as professional. Because the staff is loving, yet professional and experienced, our client’s always feel at ease. This allows them to be able to speak honestly and openly about their fears, struggles, and concerns. As a result of honest communication, the professional staff creates an individualized diagnosis, treatment plan, and aftercare strategy.

Our professional drug rehab clinic offers support for anyone suffering from addiction. From the initial detox, through therapy, and all the way through aftercare, our qualified treatment center is there to assist and support. It helps both the client and their family to know that their recovery is both important and attainable. The path to recovery is as individual as the client. Once the right path is found, the circle of addiction can be broken, and new life and hope can be offered to the person suffering from it and their family.

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