Gooding Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Addiction Recovery Is Possible!

Is it true that it is possible to get help to stay off drugs? It is up to the client to choose recovery. At our addiction recovery center, our clients are of the utmost importance, and we treat one as a member of our family when they enroll.

We understand addiction, we care, and we can help. To make certain that a client is offered all treatment options available that will best encourage recovery, we take a multidisciplinary path. We are a safe haven where one can say freely what they want, and perhaps for the first time, feel the ability to trust and receive honest feedback.

First, the client will need to be evaluated. This is a process where the client will answer questions. Our experts analyze the details learned during the intake interview and provide a plan of treatment based on the needs of our client. At our Gooding, Ohio drug rehab center, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the care they need.

What is more, if one has reached out to come to our detox clinic, they have taken the first step toward achieving their goal for recovery. Initially, it can be uncomfortable, but clients are never alone, as support and resources are always there for them.

Furthermore, we offer a safe detox facility that one can be monitored in during the process of detoxification. This means that the client will purge the toxins from their system through the process of detox. While detoxing, it is important to have reliable treatment in a supervised detox program, like the one we provide at our Gooding, Idaho addiction recovery facility.

Clients can get help for a co-occurring mental health disorder thanks to dual diagnosis mental health treatment. It is very important that clients are checked for co-occurring disorders so as to give the best help possible at our substance abuse treatment facility.

Recovery includes the process of rehabilitation through group therapy, individual therapy, and aftercare. The entire program at our addiction treatment clinic is set up to foster recovery.

Another part of our addiction recovery program is group therapy, during which clients gather with their peers in our addiction recovery treatment center to share their experiences and wisdom.

We also provide aftercare at our drug treatment facility. The plan can include continued personal therapy, support groups, group therapy, 12 step meetings, and perhaps moving into a halfway house or other sober living situation. The bond that clients make while in a small support group at our drug rehab clinic is part of the support that is likely to continue after graduation from our addiction recovery program.

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