Jerome Drug and Alcohol Rehab

People struggling with drug dependency and addiction may be looking for a path back to a drug-free life. Choosing from the treatments available and participating in one of the drug detox programs in Jerome can help in achieving that goal.

Substances like alcohol and marijuana can have real impacts on the brain if they are misused, and with some substances, what seemed like a one-time experiment can become a deepening addiction over time. A drug rehab program includes a detox period to remove the drug from a person’s body, addressing the physical effects of withdrawal.

The detoxification period is a window of opportunity for people to clear their heads and begin to think about taking on further treatment. Once the detox period is over, it is best for a person to start a full rehab program. Inpatient and outpatient rehab programs are available to meet specific personal needs. As part of their addiction treatment services, Jerome inpatient drug detox centers offer a wide variety of treatments, including medication and counseling.

During Jerome drug detox programs, clients may experience withdrawal symptoms. Medical detox programs that are administered by a doctor or healthcare professional can help mitigate the symptoms. For example, people who have become dependent on different drugs, such as prescription drugs or cocaine, may find that different types of medication help ease the withdrawal process. This makes the detox period more comfortable whether it lasts for three or seven days.

How Jerome Inpatient Drug Rehab Works

An inpatient treatment program offers a number of supportive activities. Starting with a structured day, the person will have little time to think about the drug they are no longer taking. The negative influences that supported their substance use are no longer available, but in most cases, family members will be allowed visit.

Participants in the program have constant support for any physical or psychological issues that arise. They have medical supervision during detox and have the chance to completely focus on their issues to achieve recovery and a drug-free life. The programs also offer aftercare to provide guidance and support for the person when they leave the program and return to their normal daily life.

Jerome inpatient drug detox centers welcome clients from across the area, including cities such as Rupert, Twin Falls and Burley, among others. The supports provided as part of the programs can include individual and group counseling and therapies. Nutrition and dietary consultations can also help clients develop eating habits to support a healthy lifestyle.

Why Choose Jerome Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

Rehabilitation and addiction treatment can also be done on an outpatient basis. This means that clients continue to live at home and attend work or school, while regularly attending treatment and therapy at one of the rehab facilities in and around Jerome. Since rehab can be more challenging in an outpatient program, it can be a better choice for people dealing with short-term addictions or dependencies. Some of the factors that influence the person’s experience in addiction treatment are the combination of drugs taken, the dose or amount taken, any concurrent physical or mental issues and the length of the addiction.

Customized Jerome Addiction Treatment Programs

Detox, rehabilitation and recovery are all challenging and important steps toward building a drug-free life. Any program, in order to achieve the maximum success possible, needs to be suited for a particular individual in order for the client to feel relaxed and comfortable. Our addiction specialists can help individuals find the treatment that is right for them. Caring professionals in Jerome drug detox and rehab programs can help people tackle their drug dependencies and overcome those addictions.

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