McCall Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Our drug rehab center in McCall, Idaho is just one facility in our network of treatment centers dedicated to helping you break free from the grip of addiction. The first step to lasting recovery is getting in touch with one of the friendly and well-trained experts at our drug rehab center.

When a client enters our McCall, Idaho substance abuse treatment facility, they begin by taking part in supervised detox. During the detox process, your body and mind are able to free themselves of their dependency on an addictive substance. Your body will purge the toxins left behind due to substance abuse from your system, and your brain is able to adjust the way it functions to no longer require the drug. The process of detox is frequently accompanied by the symptoms of withdrawal. For many, withdrawal symptoms are the biggest roadblock to recovery. To this end, we provide supervised detox.

Supervised Detox

Supervised detox provides you with the physical and psychological support needed to endure the sometimes challenging detox process. Our McCall, Idaho addiction treatment center is staffed by professionals who understand the effect detox and withdrawal can have on a person. They are trained in techniques to help make the detox process less strenuous. In addition to helping you through detox, supervision also guarantees that you will not have access to the substance from which you are breaking free.

We cannot guarantee that detox will be a pleasant experience. However, with supervision, a clean environment, and controlled surroundings, some of the discomfort of detox can be removed, and our friendly, caring staff can ensure the safety of the client.

A Safe Space for Rehabilitation

Our qualified addiction recovery facility offers you a safe space for the process of rehabilitation. Your safety and security are ensured by the design of our facilities and our staff. Your emotional security is insured by the trusting and honest atmosphere we have created inside our McCall, Idaho drug rehab clinic.

Our facilities have been designed to provide an environment that encourages open and honest communication. Within our walls you will not face discrimination, recrimination, or judgment. We do encourage communication and self-evaluation pertaining to the events and situations that led to your addiction. These conversations are held in a positive way, with the goal of helping you create new patterns and establish a drug-free future.

At our McCall, Idaho substance abuse treatment facility, you will find a friendly and caring staff who are genuinely concerned about your physical and emotional well-being. You will find that other residents who are going through similar challenges to yours can also provide a source of encouragement.

When you are a guest at our substance abuse treatment facility, you will be treated as an individual. The unique treatments offered are designed to cater to your specific needs and circumstances.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Many individuals who have been battling with dependence on drugs are also dealing with a co-occurring mental health disorder. It is impossible to treat the addiction completely without also treating any co-occurring mental health disorder. This is why the addiction recovery program at our drug rehab clinic includes dual diagnosis treatment for clients that are dealing with some variety of a co-occurring mental health disorder. By simultaneously addressing the addiction and any co-occurring mental health issue with which you may be struggling, we can put you on a better road for long-term recovery.
We are pleased that you have chosen our addiction treatment clinic in McCall, Idaho to help you along the road to recovery. The numerous treatment options we provide have worked in helping many of our client’s reach their recovery goals, and we are confident that they can work for you, too.

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