Mountain Home AFB Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Substance abuse disorders represent a growing epidemic among Americans of all ages. Today, the opioid crisis is claiming an increasing number of lives, causing untold suffering and billions of dollars in expenses.

Still, most people who develop a substance abuse disorder will never progress to the point where it is an imminent threat to their lives. But that does not make the disease any less of a threat to public health. While alcohol abuse has specifically been slowly declining over the last few decades, around half of all admissions to our drug rehab center in Mountain Home, Idaho.

Our addiction recovery center in Mountain Home is based on modern, scientifically-based approaches to addiction treatment. While using drugs or alcohol in moderate levels, the likelihood that the user will progress to more dangerous phases of a substance abuse disorder. It is important to have clients assessed and counseled by a trained professional at our Mountain Home addiction treatment center. This addiction treatment facility can help treat other problems concerning drug abuse, before they have a chance to progress. The expert staff at our drug rehab clinic in Mountain Home is also experienced in helping those already exhibiting severe substance abuse behavior.

Supervised detox

Whether a client is mildly or severely dependent, supervised detox is a necessary first step in the treatment process. Our substance abuse treatment facility in Mountain Home has trained staff who have great experience in helping people through even the most complex cases of detox.

Our addiction recovery facility in Mountain Home has successfully helped people with diverse case profiles get through the detox process. These can include everything from the mild withdrawal to severe complications arising from going “cold turkey.” Our professional staff has the knowledge, experience, and facilities to ensure that the client’s detox goes smoothly and safely.

Diagnosing comorbid mental conditions

As many as half of all people suffering from substance abuse disorders are also suffering from underlying mental health issues. Our addiction treatment clinic in Mountain Home, Idaho has on-site psychologists who are able to immediately diagnose and treat underlying mental health conditions that may be afflicting the client. This can dramatically improve the chances of successful recovery in those who are suffering from mental health conditions. In the majority of such cases, the impulse to abuse drugs or alcohol is primarily a means of self-medication. Treating the cause will remove the impulse.

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