Shelley Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Many people struggle to overcome an addiction after a drug has taken a hold over them. It can be a daunting task without help, but that’s where a Shelley treatment program can help. It is important to choose the right treatment plan to maximize the chances of recovery success, and that choice can be daunting. But our specialists are experienced in matching people with appropriate treatment options.

The two main types of treatment are inpatient and outpatient. Both formats provide unique advantages and services, but they also make use of some similar and proven techniques to help patients. They also have the same goals — to help patients make a full recovery and work through addiction toward a drug-free life.

All types of facilities in Shelley will provide people with detox help, as well as access to individual and group therapy. This is aimed at helping them make a lasting change in their lifestyle and behavior so they are no longer beholden to drugs.

It’s important to find reputable drug detox centers whose therapy methods are driven by data. It’s also important to ensure that each person’s treatment is individualized; by working one-on-one with a person, the best treatment centers are able to identify the reasons behind drug addiction and help the person to avoid a relapse.

Shelley Inpatient Drug Rehab

Many drugs are highly addictive, and a substance use disorder involving a drug like cocaine, methamphetamine, alcohol or marijuana could result in dramatic changes to the brain. Those changes can cause a person to show unusual behavior or cause drastic personality changes. Drug addiction is a chronic disease that can happen to anybody. Inpatient drug rehab services are designed to eliminate the cravings for addictive drugs. We connect people with intensive outpatient addiction treatment and inpatient treatment programs in order to help them break free from addiction.

The chief characteristic of inpatient care is that it takes place in a residential setting. People will check into a facility and stay there as they undergo their treatment plan. The facility will have full-time staff on hand to help people through each stage of their treatment. This can be especially helpful during the first step — detox.

Anyone who has become addicted to a drug like cocaine, methamphetamine, alcohol or marijuana will likely have to complete a detox first to get the last traces out of their system. In an inpatient facility, medical professionals can monitor patients and assist them as they suffer the withdrawal symptoms which arise during detox.

Inpatient drug detox programs take place in safe and comforting facilities that ease the rehab and detox process. In addition to helping people with drug addiction in this city, Shelley inpatient drug detox centers also cater to people who live in the nearby communities, such as Idaho Falls, Ammon and Blackfoot.

Shelley Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction is characterized by an unending desire, physical need or compulsion to use drugs. Even when a person is aware of the serious consequences, the addictiveness of the drug overwhelms the logical part of the brain. We have addiction specialists who assess each person’s unique situation. We can help anyone find an appropriate Shelley drug detox program that serves Shelley. We also serve people who live in Idaho Falls, Ammon and Blackfoot.

People who attend outpatient daytime treatment programs are able to return home in the evenings. These outpatient detox and therapy programs typically last from 30 to 90 days but may continue for several months or years if needed. Outpatient programs prepare a person to overcome addiction, repair personal relationships, get ready to hold a job and find a safe living environment. Another important aspect of intensive outpatient programs for drug addiction is individual counseling.

These counseling sessions help a person to identify the reasons why he or she turned to addictive drugs. A person participating in a program will learn to develop healthy mechanisms for handling stress and avoiding situations that might trigger drug use or cravings.

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