St. Anthony Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Idaho Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center

Our drug rehab center in St. Anthony, Idaho offers superior recovery treatment and exclusive care to clients who are struggling with drug and chemical substance abuse. Our facility is situated in a safe and exceptional natural environment that features many amenities. We provide a variety of services and extra facilities to our clients, as we are dedicated to ensuring every advantage as they work toward recovery.

Our staff is comprised of a team of experts who are entirely dedicated to helping clients achieve a healthy and long and lasting recovery. Individuals begin with a confidential assessment conducted by a care advocate over the phone in order to be admitted into our facility. We also offer transportation services to our clients in order ferry them from their homes to our facility, if necessary.

The staff members of our St. Anthony, Idaho addiction recovery center believe that your first day of treatment is as equally important as your last day. Commitment and dedication are our core values. Our mission is to help as many clients as possible through affordable and accessible treatment of addiction and any other co-occurring mental health disorders. We ensure that each of our clients receives the highest standard of addiction treatment services. Our programs constitute an individualized and unique treatment plan that is tailored to meet the needs of each client. We offer a wide variety of treatment solutions for drug and alcohol abuse.

We often incorporate the twelve-step recovery program into the treatment we provide to our clients. Therapy is crucial because it helps each client to make a firm decision about pursuing recovery from addiction.

The process of rehabilitation in our facility incorporates individual and group therapy, round the clock supervision and care, relapse prevention and intervention, recreational treatment, psychiatric and psychological services, twelve step meetings, educational seminars, and nutritional assessment. We also evaluate and analyze the progress of our client’s recovery through holding regular meetings, where each client is granted the opportunity to share out their experiences with the rest.

We conduct detoxification programs for our clients. Detoxification is monitored around the clock by our trained experts. It can cause serious health risks to the client. Medication is administered to clients to ensure a safe withdrawal, and to help them manage the pain and symptoms that associated with withdrawal. Detoxification prepares clients for the next level of treatment, as well as residential and outpatient care. At our St. Anthony, Idaho addiction recovery center, we can provide the tools to help.

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