Addison (Township) Drug and Alcohol Rehab

When it comes to drug abuse, we are all affected. Whether you or a loved one are suffering from addiction, you need professional assistance from Addiction Now.

We show our love and compassion to all those caught up in drug addictions and provide the necessary treatment and guidance. It is for this reason that at our substance abuse treatment facility in Addison, Illinois offers our clients the most effective and compassionate care to help them get through physical and mental dependence as we work towards putting their lives back together.

For the safety of clients undergoing recovery, our Addison drug detox clinic is always mindful of the negative consequences of withdrawal symptoms. The aim of our drug rehab program is to help you or your loved one lead an alcohol or drug-free life. This is the guiding principle of our drug rehab facility in Addison. Such an objective can only be guaranteed if individuals feel they are in a safe environment where their recovery is taken seriously.

In desperation, many individuals trying to put their lives together are tempted to start the detoxification process on their own. Nothing can be a bigger mistake, attempting to detox alone presents difficulties that have individuals relapsing. In some circumstances, it can even lead to bigger complications. A drug addiction recovery program presents many people with the right setting through which withdrawal symptoms can be professionally handled to ensure no relapse is experienced. Some severe withdrawal symptoms associated with some drugs can be dangerous if a specialist does not supervise an individual’s detox program. When you decide to be on the road to recovery, the right policy is never trying to detox alone.

It is pretty important to remember that drug addiction is not just a drug use issue, it is also a mental and psychological issue as well. Quite often, drug abuse is also associated with anxiety disorders, eating disorders, trauma, and severe depression. Our addiction treatment center in Addison emphasize dual diagnosis mental health treatment. With dual diagnosis, we ensure that our professionals not only focus on the disorder of drug use but on the underlying psychological conditions as well. Without proper treatment, the risk of relapse is always going to remain.

Our recovery procedures require that a client maintains a high level of honesty. Without speaking openly about their problems, the specialists at our addiction recovery facility in Addison will have a rough time getting to know a client and their situation. Dishonesty is often a trigger of relapse. Individuals need to be rigorously honest to gain benefit from an addiction recovery program. A safe environment where individuals feel that whatever they say is taken confidentially and strictly for their recovery is provided.

Treatment is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Different clients have their own needs during recovery. Treatment procedures at our addiction treatment facility in Addison are client-centric rather than based upon a particular regimen. Concentrating on the particular needs of every client ensures a speedy recovery to drug-free lives. Efficiently administered therapy ensures that individuals seeking recovery are not exposed to adverse effects that come with some disorders and symptoms.

A major part of our addiction recovery program at Addiction Now is the environment. We provide a sense of belonging to our clients. It is crucial that our clients feel part of a community engaged in a similar battle. Clients talking to each other on the ups and downs of their recovery is often an essential psychological factor that may have been ignored by other drug rehab centers. Clients at an advanced stage of recovery are always willing to offer psychological support to those whose recovery process has just begun. The psychological boost gained from the clients’ extended support groups is one the mainstays of our drug detox clinic. All you have to do to get started is call us today and we will begin setting up a free appointment for a consultation today.

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