Algonquin (Township) Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Getting Help for Drug Addiction

Drug addiction can rip through families and destroy lives. Few people recognize that addiction is a psychological problem, and can only be permanently treated with a professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. Finding the right help for yourself or your loved one is key to moving on to a future free of addiction.

How Drug Addiction Can ruin Lives

Drug addiction can ruin the lives of those who find themselves afflicted with the disease. It can cause the destruction of families, job loss, and loss of important relationships. Drug addiction can make it difficult for those suffering from it to exercise good judgment. They may engage in impulsive behavior, loss of self-control, and impaired brain function. Getting help through our Algonquin, Illinois addiction recovery facility is the key to overcoming the effects of the disease for life.

How Drug Rehab Works

At our Algonquin, Illinois addiction treatment center is different, we use cutting edge techniques to get you the help you need. First, trained experts will assess the extent of your addiction and work with you to create a treatment plan. Your treatment plan may include outpatient behavioral therapy, inpatient treatment, or a combination of both. You will be informed of who will be working on your recovery team, from the counselors to the support staff. You will be a major part in your own recovery and included in every step in the process.

Once you have worked with your team and determined the right course of treatment, you will undergo drug detox. This will happen at our drug detox clinic. While everyone reacts to detox differently, you may experience withdrawal symptoms that may be unpleasant. When you undergo a supervised program of detox, your support staff can minimize this discomfort.

How Long Does Rehab Take

The rehab process is different for everyone, and the amount of time you spend in rehab will depend heavily on the program that you and your counselors have developed in the beginning. Your addiction recovery program may take about 30 days in an outpatient setting. However, your team may recommend a 60, 90 or 120 day course of treatment, depending on your needs and situation. Your team may recommend inpatient therapy that will allow you to get better in an environment free of the stresses of everyday life. This will help you to beat the addiction before you have to go back into the world beyond our Algonquin, Illinois drug rehab center.

Addiction Recovery Program — Therapy

Once you have undergone the detox process, you will be treated for the disease through behavioral therapy. During this time, you may meet one on one with a specialist, see a regular counselor, or attend group therapy. You will be given coping skills that can help you to deal with the cravings and find ways to fight them. You may meet with other people who are on the same journey as you and can help you to get through the treatment program.

Final Phase of Treatment — Aftercare

The final phase of treatment at our Algonquin, Illinois drug rehab center is aftercare. This is a period of extended time after your active treatment in which your team will stay in touch with you to ensure that you don’t relapse. Your team will be available to help you when you feel that you want to turn back to drugs. If you become overwhelmed, they can refer you into active treatment again. Our Algonquin, Illinois addiction recovery center will have resources and people who can help you on your road to recovery.

Our Algonquin, Illinois substance abuse treatment facility can help you to regain your life. Make an appointment with our addiction treatment facility today.

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