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Recovering from Addiction: You Aren’t Alone

When you’ve been dealing with an addiction, you may feel as though you are entirely alone. At our Champaign, Illinois drug rehab center, team members seek to alleviate these feelings and to show you that you are a part of a community and that you have the support of the addiction treatment center.

Attention to Personal Care

From the very beginning, you will work with a specialist to develop an individual plan of care. The staff members do not treat people as though they are all going through the same struggle. Finally, you can feel as though you have the ability to articulate your individual concerns and struggles and to have a plan developed that directly speaks to these issues. This treatment of care can be evaluated and changed if needed as you move through the process at our Champaign, Illinois addiction recovery facility.

The Detox Process

Whether you know about the detox process or you have heard about this stage of treatment, you may have some concerns about it. Our Champaign, Illinois drug rehab clinic offers supervised detox, which means that you don’t have to go through the symptoms of withdrawal without the assistance of our staff. Receiving support at this stage can empower you as you continue with your addiction recovery treatment program.

Assessing Your Health

Since our Champaign, Illinois substance abuse treatment facility focuses on your individual situation, the staff members are also invested in exploring other issues that you may face. For example, you may have a co-occurring mental health disorder that aggravates your addiction, or vice versa. Through dual diagnosis mental health treatment at our drug addiction recovery center, you can begin to work on your problems and to have a more positive mindset at the end of your treatment program. Working through these issues with our friendly staff members reminds you that you aren’t alone.

Building a Community

One of the strongest methods for allowing you to release feelings of loneliness is through community-building activities. Developing relationships with your peers is encouraged at our addiction treatment clinic. Team members recognize that these social bonds allow you to communicate in a more relaxed manner, and to build strength that can invigorate you so you are able to avoid temptation in the future.

Expressing Yourself

When you harbor thoughts of addiction in your mind, you can feel lonely. In other words, you may feel as though you cannot express those thoughts to anyone, so you feel alone in your mind. This rehab center encourages you to express your thoughts in an honest fashion, which will allow you to feel a stronger connection with your peers.

After Your Time in Rehab

You may also worry about what you will do once you have graduated from the program at our Champaign, Illinois addiction treatment clinic. However, just because you exit the doors of our drug rehab clinic doesn’t mean your time is done with the specialists. Our team members are dedicated to creating a customized plan to help you maintain recovery after your stay in our facility.

As you begin your recovery from addiction, you may feel as though you are alone. However, you can find a great deal of support and community at our Champaign, Illinois addiction treatment center. Get in touch with one of our specialists today and you can begin your journey to recovery immediately.

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