Cicero Drug and Alcohol Rehab

When entering a drug rehab center, it’s natural to be a bit intimidated and frightened. However, it’s common for people to have misconceptions based on popular culture and inaccuracies, but reality can be quite different. Here are a few things to expect when enrolling in our addiction treatment clinic in Cicero, Illinois.

First Days

The earliest days of recovering from addiction are often the toughest. In addition to coming to terms with what addiction is, those entering an alcohol or drug rehab clinic also face withdrawal symptoms. At our drug rehab center in Cicero, we provide supervision to help make the process more tolerable.

Individual Therapy

One of the challenges of addiction recovery is feeling comfortable discussing the nature of one’s addiction. Through individual therapy sessions, clients at our addiction treatment center in Cicero will find a welcoming environment for opening up about addiction. Although it may take some time to feel fully comfortable, regular therapy sessions offer a comfortable environment for growth.

Group Therapy

One-on-one sessions are tremendously useful, but group therapy is also a cornerstone of long-term recovery. By discussing addiction with others who know what it’s like, clients at our Cicero addiction recovery center form a support network for each other. In addition, group therapy provides an environment for helping others, which many find tremendously helpful to maintain sobriety.

Dual Diagnosis

On its own, addiction is a powerful disease. However, it typically works in tandem with other diseases or symptoms, both physical and mental. While at our Cicero substance abuse treatment facility, clients will work with therapists to uncover other problems that require attention. Working on these problems won’t provide a solution to addiction, but focusing on these elements simultaneously can lead to dramatically improved results.

A Comprehensive Plan

Our addiction recovery facility in Cicero focuses on providing a holistic approach aimed toward giving clients the tools they’ll need to learn and foster. Above all, our centers aim to offer individualized care. Addictions vary significantly between people, and there’s no single solution that will work for everyone. By working with experts and spending time in group therapy sessions, clients find out what works for them and hone their skills for facing a future free of addiction.

Addiction can last for years or even decades, and people facing addiction often find themselves feeling hopeless. However, treatment for addiction has improved dramatically over the years, and those facing addiction can expect a better future. Recovery is an ongoing process, but those able to take the critical first steps will be prepared to tackle the challenges ahead on and look forward to a brighter, sober future. Call us today and we will begin setting up your consultation at our addiction recovery center in Cicero, Illinois.

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