Du Page Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Drug addiction continues to be one of the most dangerous diseases plaguing the United States. Fortunately, there are more successful methods of treatment than ever before. One of the ways in people combat drug addiction and the issues surrounding it is to seek the services of our Du Page, Illinois drug rehab center. At our substance abuse treatment facility, we provide our clients with the support they need to overcome addiction and achieve their goals for recovery.

Our Du Page, Illinois drug rehab facility takes various approaches to combating the addiction, and our methods vary from client to client, depending on what treatment strategies will best help them in defeating addiction. Although treatment methods have become increasingly diverse, incorporating a variety of holistic strategies, our Du Page, Illinois addiction recovery center will generally choose to begin addressing symptoms of drug abuse by implementing a detoxification program.

The detoxification program is used to monitor the withdrawal process, as this is a very critical period on the road to addiction recovery. While supervised detoxification is used to address the physical dependence the client is struggling against when they enter our Du Page, Illinois addiction recovery facility, there are often many psychological elements that will impact the recovery process, as well. These psychological issues may be some of the main factors that contribute to a client’s relapse. After the detoxification process ends, it is followed up by an assessment from the support staff that will determine the most effective way to tackle the issue.

When deciding to attend our Du Page, Illinois addiction treatment facility, there are several options for treatment that a client and the support staff may choose to consider. The treatment clients will receive in our drug detox clinic will vary based on the duration of the drug use and the amount of support a particular client may require.

In our addiction recovery program, an educational approach to drug abuse may be the most heavily emphasized method, though because of the myriad of services available all across the board, this is not always the case. Our outpatient programs do have some differences their inpatient counterparts. They may be the optimal choice for those with intense personal schedules, such as attending school or a demanding career. When dealing with more severe cases of drug addiction, a facility that implements a long-term approach may be more effective. Consult with one of our counselors to see which type of program we offer will be best suited for your needs.

When considering a stay in our Du Page, Illinois addiction treatment center, another option is for short-term residential treatment. When a client is enrolled in our short-term residential treatment program, the length of stay may not exceed more than several weeks, although longer stays will sometimes occur. Due to the duration of a short-term treatment facility, it is often recommended that the client attend and outpatient facility once their stay has concluded in order to continue direct support and decrease the chances of a relapse. If you think a similar program might work well for you, ask one of our addiction specialists about available options.

The most intense form of treatment we offer is our long-term residential treatment facility. While a long-term residential treatment facility will address the physical symptoms of drug addiction in a similar manner to our other treatment plans, this type of treatment will usually focus on the long-term psychological effects of the disease. In a long-term program, the support staff will provide 24-hour care for the clients, often in an environment that differs significantly from the more traditional hospital setting. During the client’s stay, regaining or improving one’s health is heavily emphasized, and job training or employment opportunities are available through career services. Treating the psychological effects of drug addiction during a long-term residential stay is often the most effective of the options due to our direct, community-centric appr

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