Hanover Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Drug addiction is a common problem across the United States, and many people struggle when it comes to overcoming a substance dependency. Specialists at a Hanover treatment facility can help people in moving in moving beyond addiction toward a drug-free life.

Hanover Addiction Treatment Programs

There are various treatment options available in and around Hanover. Data-driven and scientifically-based methods are used in both inpatient and outpatient Hanover drug detox programs. Detox and rehab can help anyone with an addiction to a substance like heroin, cocaine, marijuana or prescription drugs to overcome it and move toward a healthier life. An important aspect of the process is to help people with an addiction learn how to manage everyday stress. Trained professionals help patients talk out different concerns in a group setting and go through practice sessions on social issues that may trigger a person to turn to drugs. This helps to lower the risk of a relapse.

In individual sessions, therapists help people discover their unique triggers for drug use. They work with a person to deal with those triggers in a different way, such as meditation, art or exercise. Individuals will also learn to handle conflicts in family and social relationships in a productive way that does not involve drugs. People from Freeport, Sterling or Dubuque can overcome drug addiction by finding a detox location in Hanover.

Hanover Inpatient Drug Rehab

As a chronic disease, addiction to heroin, cocaine, marijuana or prescription drugs make long-lasting changes in the way a person’s brain works. People who struggle with substance use disorder are often unable to control their desire to use drugs, which creates a perpetual cycle of drug misuse. Halting the use of these drugs without help is difficult because of those changes within the brain. When a person is ready and motivated to overcome his or her addiction, Hanover drug detox programs offer a full spectrum of services. In Hanover inpatient drug detox centers, it’s possible for a person to go through drug detox in a private, safe and medically supervised environment.

Inpatient addiction therapy is designed to help a patient develop strategies for dealing with stress, anger and frustration in a healthy, drug-free environment. An inpatient detox center often offers individual and group therapy services in a residential setting. Patients will live at the treatment center while going through their treatment plan and working on recovery. Hanover inpatient drug detox centers serve people from the Freeport, Sterling and Dubuque areas, too. A team of addiction medicine specialists, psychologists and social workers work with men and women of any age or background to move past drug addiction and live a rewarding life that is free of drugs. One of the main benefits of this treatment format is that people will be removed from their usual environment, which has previously fueled their drug use and addiction.

Hanover Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

In addition to inpatient drug detox and rehab services, intensive outpatient Hanover drug detox programs are available. This program is designed for anyone with an addiction to heroin, cocaine, marijuana or prescription drugs, but cannot commit to an inpatient program. The patient will stay at home and commute to a treatment facility. Drug detox, individual counseling sessions and group therapy are all provided during intensive outpatient addiction therapy sessions. All participants in an outpatient program will be able to identify what caused them to turn to drugs.

These intensive outpatient sessions also help participants to develop and practice alternative methods of stress reduction and anger management so they are not tempted to return to drugs. By extension, this program reduces a person’s risk of a relapse. Outpatient addiction treatment programs are also ideal for a person living in Freeport, Sterling or Dubuque. A typical treatment session has a duration of one to three months. Participants return to their own living arrangements at the end of each day, which gives them a chance to cook their own meals and connect with their family members.

No matter what kind of treatment option a person is looking at, our addiction specialists are here to help them choose the right option and move toward a drug-free life.

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