Joliet (Township) Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Addressing Your Recovery Needs

As you’re exploring different options for treatment, you may fear feeling treated as though you’re just another number to the facility. Our Township of Joliet, Illinois drug rehab center doesn’t see you as a statistic to add to our list of successes. Instead, our facility focuses on your specific needs as an individual human being.

What You Need

Our addiction treatment center is invested in providing you with what you need to reach your goals for recovery. Different people benefit from varying approaches at our Township of Joliet, Illinois addiction recovery facility, and the staff members are committed to finding what works best for each individual case. At the start, you’ll work with the team to create a plan that is suitable for your needs. If the plan has to be readjusted to better suit you, the staff will assist.

Your Physical Health

Our team members are concerned with helping you to recover from physical damage that may have occurred to your body as a result of the addiction as well as preventing further issues from arising. You’ll likely start with a supervised detox program at our Township of Joliet, Illinois drug rehab clinic. This supervised treatment helps to address your needs as a human being and to encourage a strong start to your road to a life free from addiction. The staff will also work with you to develop other plans for optimal physical health as you progress through treatment.

Mental Health

In addition to providing care for your physical well-being, the team members at our Township of Joliet, Illinois substance abuse treatment facility are also dedicated to addressing your mental and emotional needs. For example, you may suffer from a co-occurring mental illness. Coping with this disorder on top of an addiction can be overwhelming, but thanks to dual diagnosis mental health treatment, the experts at our addiction recovery center can address your specific needs. By treating both the co-occurring disorder and the addiction, we can provide our clients with the best possible chance of attaining recovery.

Community Benefits

When you think of going through treatment, you may envision a life that is void of the positive day-to-day experiences that you enjoy. On the contrary, interactions with other individuals are encouraged. Building a community with the other clients allows you to have a source of strength and socialization. These social bonds offer more than mere diversion, as the foundations of a sober support network that will last long after you’ve left our drug rehab clinic can be developed when you’re taking part in our program. This can help you maintain recovery, and they can help you to stay away from negative social situations when your time at our Township of Joliet, Illinois addiction treatment clinic comes to an end.

Long-term Support

During your stay at our facility, you will be encouraged to speak with team members and other clients in a candid fashion. Once you leave, you can use this newfound sense of expression to help avoid addiction. Furthermore, our addiction treatment facility helps you develop an individual recovery plan to provide you with guidance when you have graduated from our inpatient program.

When you are recovering from addiction, you need the support of qualified and experienced professionals to reach your recovery goals. At our Township of Joliet, Illinois addiction recovery facility, you have the ability to reach recovery and maintain it. Get in touch with one of our experts today to find out how we can help you.

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