Palatine (Township) Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The first step to becoming free from a substance use disorder is deciding to regain control of one’s own life. Once a person is committed, the next step is detoxification. Generally called detox, this is the process of removing the toxic substance from the body. A Palatine Township drug detox program can include outpatient or inpatient rehabilitation plans, and we work with people every day to find drug detox centers in the area which will give patients the best treatment possible.

Depending on the drug used and the amount of time it was used for, detox can be a difficult time. A detox from cocaine or marijuana may last up to 10 days and result in a variety of physical and mental challenges. There may be cravings for the substance, and there may be physical reactions — called withdrawal symptoms — such as tremors, sweating and nausea. Mental challenges may include depression and anxiety. A Palatine Township inpatient drug detox center offers a wide variety of programs to treat withdrawal symptoms and make the detox process easier.

Medically assisted detox is a type of treatment that is done under the care of a doctor and includes certain medications to alleviate the symptoms until the withdrawal period is over. Statistics show that the majority of people using opioids to manage pain cannot stop on their own. This is where Palatine Township inpatient drug detox centers can help. They may use medications to help people detox from prescription drugs, heroin, and other substances. The other common types of detox strategy will often include personal help from trained health care providers and peers. After participating in Palatine Township drug detox programs, the patient’s rehabilitation can begin.

The Value of Palatine Township Inpatient Drug Rehab

Palatine Township drug detox programs are considered an effective option. An inpatient program allows the person to live in a comfortable and caring residential environment for at least 28 days, and possibly for three months or longer if needed. Every moment of the day is planned with exercise, group and individual therapy sessions, entertainment and activities. Every precaution is taken in a Palatine Township drug detox program to ensure that the individual is comfortable, so as to maximize their chance of staying sober.

While undergoing a Palatine Township drug detox program, the person cannot interact with the people or situations that may have caused or enabled the substance use disorder in the past. In many programs, families may visit the Palatine Township inpatient drug detox center, so when the person goes home, the whole family understands the kind of help he or she needs.

What Is Palatine Township Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

Palatine Township also offers outpatient programs that are more suitable for people who cannot leave their jobs or daily responsibilities to enter an inpatient program. Outpatient treatments are available to people from Carpentersville, Mount Prospect and Buffalo Grove, and often include family and close friends who can help the person stay away from addictive substances. These intensive outpatient programs require the person to spend 10 to 12 hours every week at the treatment center for various therapy sessions.

Outpatient addiction treatment may last from three to six months, or for more than a year, depending on the requirements of the treatment and the needs of the patient. Outpatient detox will usually last about seven days. It may also be required for patients to visit a hospital or other medical facility to receive physical and mental check-ups during detox.

How Do Palatine Township Addiction Treatment Programs Help People With Substance Use Disorders?

Rehab programs can be customized for each person’s unique issues. Our addiction specialists can help individuals find the treatment that is right for them. Contact us to learn more.

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