Wheatland Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Our drug rehab center in Wheatland, Illinois is just one facility in a network that focuses on providing long-term addiction recovery to our clients. In the same way that falling into addiction was a process, the journey to recovery and healthy living will also take some time. It requires commitment, and it can only be achieved with focus, dedication, and hard work.

The benefits you and your loved ones will receive from a life of recovery are worth every effort you are willing to put forth. Our Wheatland, Illinois addiction treatment center has been designed to give our clients the best chance at achieving long-term recovery.

The Recovery Process

Our addiction recovery facility focuses on providing every client with personalized care. Our knowledgeable experts recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to addiction. Most individuals going through recovery will pass through periods of detox, rehab, and continued recovery.

Detox is the stage wherein your body purges all remnants of the drugs and alcohol. During this time, your brain will adjust in order to function properly without the drug. Detox may be accompanied by withdrawal symptoms.
When a person abuses a substance, their body becomes dependent on that substance to function properly. When that substance is removed from the equation, their body craves it, but will attempt to readjust its systems so that it can once again function without the drug after going without the substance for a sufficient duration of time. This is what causes the withdrawal symptoms.

At our Wheatland, Illinois drug rehab clinic, you do not need to fear withdrawal. While we cannot guarantee that withdrawal will ever be pleasant, our monitored detox program means that you will never go through withdrawal alone. Our team of professionals will be there to help you deal with the cravings and the mental, emotional, and physical symptoms all while helping you maintain your dignity during this vulnerable period. We will make you as comfortable as possible given the circumstances, and should any complications arise, supervision will ensure you are able to get adequate support immediately, thus affording you a safe environment.

Once detox and withdrawal have passed, you move to the next phase, which will include participation in a number of therapeutic strategies. The rehab programs offered at our Wheatland, Illinois substance abuse treatment facility are designed to help you get to the core of your substance abuse. Our therapy sessions and counseling sessions are designed to help you live your life without returning to addictive behavior.

To that end, we treat co-occurring conditions with dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Many individuals battling with addiction are also battling with a co-occurring mental health issue. By addressing the addiction and the mental health challenges simultaneously, our addiction recovery center is able to provide better treatment for our clients.

One thing that you will immediately notice about our Wheatland, Illinois addiction treatment clinic is that it is set up to be a safe and friendly place. It is possible that you are struggling with feelings of guilt over some of the decisions you’ve made because of your addiction. We want to help relieve you of those feelings of guilt. Within our walls, you will find caring staff and caring guests who do not want to use your past to push you down. They want to help you build yourself with the goal of having a happy and positive future.

The care we offer does not stop when you leave our doors. We offer aftercare treatment to help you to face the challenges of everyday life while staying on the road to sobriety. Live every other aspect of your treatment here at our Wheatland, Illinois substance abuse treatment facility, your aftercare plan will be hand-tailored to your individual needs.

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