Franklin Marion County Drug and Alcohol Rehab

It has been estimated that substance abuse problems collectively cost people in the United States as much as $700 billion each year. Drug and alcohol abuse is one of the most serious problems confronting the nation today. Unfortunately, out of the estimated 50 million Americans who engage in at-risk alcohol or drug use, approximately only 2 million will seek treatment in any given year. This presents a challenge for treatment professionals, family members, the country as a whole, and the individuals who are suffering from substance use problems themselves.

The good news is that today, there are more effective treatment options than ever available here at our Franklin, Indiana substance abuse treatment center. We are dedicated to ensuring that every client who enters our center gains access to the support they need to successfully overcome addiction.

Our Franklin, Indiana drug rehab clinic has a staff of qualified professionals who are prepared to extend the benefit of their extensive experience to you. We have helped many clients get back on their feet, allowing them to start down the path to lasting recovery. Our addiction treatment center takes a modern, evidence-based approach to treating substance use disorders. Substance abuse disorders are best viewed as a disease, and any stigma associated with addiction is completely unfounded. Taking this evolved view allows the problem to be properly addressed, with the multiple facets and symptoms of the disease being ameliorated at the same time as contributing factors are treated, as well.

Using this more accurate model, our addiction recovery center has a phenomenal rate of success, allowing our clients to reach their treatment goals. Our addiction recovery facility takes a nuanced approach to treatment, with every treatment regimen being tailored carefully to the individual client in question. Our Franklin, Indiana drug rehab clinic can tailor programs to the client’s treatment goals. The only way to fully assess what treatment approach is best for any given client is for them to visit our addiction treatment clinic and come in for a screening.

Another effective aspect of our program is dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Studies have shown that as many as half of people suffering from substance use disorders in the United States may have co-occurring mental health conditions. Treatment of any co-occurring disorder is a crucial and highly effective step in the overall treatment of the addiction.

When clients leave our drug addiction treatment center, they will be provided with a comprehensive and customized schedule for aftercare treatment. This will ensure that they are able to receive the care they need to overcome temptation, and like every aspect of our addiction recovery program, it will be hand-tailored to suit the individual needs and responsibilities that the client possesses.

For more information or to set up an appointment, call our clinic today. Our professional and courteous staff will be more than happy to help. We are dedicated to ensuring that every client who enters our Franklin, Indiana substance abuse treatment center get the effective care they need to overcome their addiction and reach the goals they have set for recovery.

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