Greenwood Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The road to recovery can be difficult, and choosing a drug rehab center that offers a clean environment and caring staff is essential for a positive outcome. Our substance abuse treatment facility in Greenwood, Indiana is structured to help clients recover in a caring and pleasant environment. When clients enter our addiction treatment clinic, they will be greeted by our staff and the intake process will begin. Intake is the first step in the rehabilitation process, and it is important because it allows our staff the opportunity to understand each client’s individual situation.

During intake, clients may wonder why our staff asks so many questions. We are a drug rehab clinic that provides each client with an individualized treatment plan that is designed to help them overcome the unique situation that resulted in their addiction. An individualized treatment plan is a vital part of the rehabilitation process because it allows clients to progress at their own pace. It takes time and effort to develop a personalized treatment plan for each client, but it is the most effective way to approach addiction recovery. If we used the same treatment plan for every client, it wouldn’t be nearly as effective.

Many clients at our drug rehab clinic take part in dual diagnosis mental health treatment. According to studies, addiction and a co-occurring mental health disorders are linked in roughly half of those people who struggle with addiction. If an individual has an addiction, then it could lead to mental health disorder and vice versa, which is why it is critical that those with co-occurring disorders receive the benefit of dual diagnosis mental health treatment.

Therapy at our Greenwood, Indiana addiction recovery facility includes individual and group sessions. After clients have completed their recovery program, they are encouraged to continue treatment through a variety of aftercare programs offered through our center.

Our group therapy sessions provide clients with the opportunity to connect with each other. We are an addiction treatment center that encourages our clients to communicate with each other, which lets them know they are not alone. Many of our clients develop lifelong support networks through the foundations laid by group therapy. It may be difficult for some individuals to share their past experiences with others, but we encourage clients to communicate during group sessions. We find that clients who are reluctant at first will often open up after a few sessions.

In order for the rehabilitation process to have a positive outcome, individuals must be provided with the support, education, and the necessary motivation to recover from an addiction. Our Greenwood, Indiana addiction recovery center is open to all individuals who are struggling with an addiction and need help. There are many who try to detox on their own, but this can result in relapse. Our reputable and trusted substance abuse treatment facility can offer clients all that is needed for a positive recovery.

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