Charles City Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Building Your Support Team

An important aspect of your recovery is to learn how to reach out to your peers for support. You will be encouraged to meet others in the program and to share contact information for when you leave our Charles City, Iowa addiction recovery facility. As you grow your support team, you will have individuals to reach out to when you are feeling low or at greater risk of substance abuse. Peer support is one of the biggest deterrents to relapse, and you will always be encouraged to meet others who are on the path of recovery.

Share Your Story Honestly

Many people who are addicted to substances are used to hiding their addiction. This is only normal when you don’t want people to know what is going on in your life or how far you have fallen into addiction. When you go for treatment at our Charles City, Iowa addiction treatment facility, it’s time to be honest about what has been going in your life. The other clients within the program and the staff have heard all kinds of stories. While you may be ashamed to tell your story, honesty is going to get you the support you need in your recovery.

Aftercare Options When You Leave Supervised Detox

The first step in recovery is to withdraw under supervision at our Charles City, Iowa drug detox clinic, but this is only the start of your journey. If you don’t begin to work on the emotional reasons you are addicted to substances, you are at high risk for a relapse. You can go to inpatient residential care, outpatient treatment, and sober living as aftercare options. You will be encouraged to attend community groups and work with a qualified professional as well.

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