Clear Lake Drug and Alcohol Rehab

One of the services we offer at our Clear Lake, Iowa drug rehab center is supervised detox. The trained professionals at our drug detox clinic consider the needs of the client when determining the appropriate approach. When going through detox, supervision is available around the clock. While some people try to detox at home, it is not recommended due to the discomfort and possible severity of symptoms. Attempting to detox without the necessary supervision can lead to relapse. The steps to our program include safely detoxing, addressing physical symptoms, providing ongoing care, and continuously monitoring the client.

Our Clear Lake, Iowa substance abuse treatment facility also offers services for co-occurring mental health disorders. Nearly half of the individuals suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction have a co-occurring mental health disorder. To effectively treat an addiction, it is imperative to tackle both conditions with dual diagnosis.

If the co-occurring disorder goes untreated, it can jeopardize long-term recovery. Our Clear Lake, Iowa drug rehab center recognizes the importance of addressing co-occurring disorders. At our drug rehab facility, we offer various services which include personalized approaches to treating co-occurring disorders. We have a two-phase treatment program that joins intensive outpatient care and in-depth focus on abilities, triggers, goals, and aftercare.

At our Clear Lake, Iowa addiction treatment center, each of the treatment programs utilizes a step-by-step process. This even applies to care after leaving the program. Aftercare is vital to the recovery process. The 12-step program happens to be one of the best aftercare treatments. In this program, clients meet with individuals who have years of sobriety under their belts. This is beneficial for receiving advice and support during the beginning of recovery.

Sober living is also available for clients leaving our Clear Lake, Iowa addiction treatment facility. With rules and requirements in place, clients learn to be accountable, responsible, stabilize their emotions, and live on their own.

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