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How to Help a Family Member or Friend Avoid Drug Relapse

As a close friend or loving family member, you’ll want to help the recovering person avoid a relapse after treatment at our Creston, Iowa drug rehab center. If you know someone who is currently struggling with substance abuse disorder and addiction, you’ll want to learn as much as you can about preventing relapse before they enter our addiction recovery facility.

At Addiction Now, our counselors and therapists take a comprehensive approach to helping clients who’ve suffered a recently relapsed adjust their treatment and recovery plan. We also create a highly individualized treatment plan for new clients that focuses on providing them the skills and tools to avoid the likelihood of a future relapse.

Treatment After Relapse

Our addiction treatment clinic in Creston, Iowa focuses on helping people bounce back after a relapse. Often, risk factors like co-occurring mental health disorders can be a concern when working with clients to prevent relapse, so we specialize in dual diagnosis treatment.

Dual diagnosis is appropriate when the client has both a substance abuse disorder or drug addiction along with a co-occurring mental health disorder. Often, people with co-occurring mental health disorders become addicted to the drugs that are intended to self-medicate their conditions. Clients may become addicted to drugs that treat the symptoms of a co-occurring condition. As they require higher doses to be effective and drug tolerance increases, they can become more prone to addiction.

Find Out How Addiction Now Can Help

At our Creston, Iowa addiction treatment center, you find a caring and compassionate community dedicated to helping your friend or family member recover from drug addiction and substance abuse. We believe that working with other clients in a private and confidential peer group environment, led by a licensed specialist will provide support, relationship, and help to develop skills that will help them avoid relapse.

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