Grimes Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Detoxing at Addiction Now Drug Rehab Centers

We won’t tell you that detoxing from drugs or alcohol will be enjoyable. If you come to our facility to heal from drug or alcohol addiction, you will have an idea about what you will experience before the detox process begins. Our trained and empathetic specialists, mental health professionals, and detox caregivers will come together to meet any need you have. By the time your drug or alcohol detox process concludes, you will become more than ready to tackle the next stage of recovery at our substance abuse treatment facility in Grimes, Iowa.

Treating Our Dual Diagnosis Clients

What is a dual diagnosis? A co-occurring dual diagnosis is when you are not only going through an addiction but an additional mental health issue. A mental health condition may be bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, anxiety, or personality disorder. We recognize the varied needs of our clients, the well-trained staff does everything in their power to meet the needs of your situation. We have highly educated professionals, therapists, and mental health technicians that can help our clients with dual diagnosis throughout every aspect of their recovery at our Grimes drug rehab facility.

Safety and Security at Our Drug Detox Clinic

Are you or your loved ones worrying about the safety and security measures at an addiction recovery center? If you didn’t have to worry about these kinds of things, the client will have a much better chance at recovery. Our addiction treatment center in Grimes provides the most safe, secure, comfortable, and effective addiction recovery environment out there. You and your relatives will not have to concern yourselves with the safety of the client at our Grimes addiction recovery facility, we will do all of the worrying for you.

At our Grimes drug rehab facility, we don’t allow anyone to come into our center to visit a client without first signing in on a visitor’s sheet at our security desk. When a visitor leaves, we will ask that they also sign out on the security sheet. At our addiction treatment center in Grimes, we consider safety and security as an essential part of the recovery process for our clients. The job of our clients is only to involve getting sober and living a productive life free of drugs and alcohol.

A Sense of Community at Our Addiction Treatment Facility

When you abuse drugs or alcohol, it is so easy to feel as if you struggle all by yourself. Of course, you don’t have to deal with your problems all yourself. When you come to rehab at our center, you will not have to get sober alone. Instead, you will have plenty of opportunities to engage with the other clients at our treatment facility.

In recovery, you will need people in your life to get you through tough times. Getting sober by yourself is extremely difficult and we don’t recommend it. Instead, you should come to our treatment center and meet people who struggle with the same issues that you do.

Why Clients Should Speak Honestly In Rehab

If you can’t get honest about yourself and the problems that led you to abuse drugs or alcohol, you can’t get sober. At our Grimes addiction recovery program, we give our clients plenty of opportunities to speak their truth in individual and group therapy sessions. As long as a client remains respectful of the facility community, we don’t control what people say while on the road to sobriety.

Individuality at Our Rehab Center

At our Grimes addiction treatment center, we don’t treat you like a name or a number. Instead, we see you as an individual who has their own needs. We give every client a personalized treatment plan that reflects your personality, physical issues, mental health needs, and other factors that affect your treatment.

Care After Our Drug Rehab Facility

Our care does not stop just because you leave our center. Before you return home, you will meet with our aftercare department. At this time, you will discuss your future involvement with 12-step groups, finding therapists in your area, and locating treatment specialists who can guide you with your customized addiction recovery plan that will have been comprehensively altered to meet your needs. You will leave with the help of everyone you’ve met and all the things you’ve learned. You and your aftercare manager will discuss your personalized treatment plan and how you can use it to sustain sobriety and continue treatment. All you have to do to get started at Addiction Now is pick up that phone and call us today for an appointment at our drug rehab center in Grimes, Iowa.

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