Pleasant Hill Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Key Components of an Addiction Recovery Program

Exploring options for addiction recovery can lead to many different possibilities. Understanding the advantages our drug rehab center in Pleasant Hill, Iowa can help you make the best possible decision for your situation.

Supervised Detox

At our Pleasant Hill addiction treatment center, you will experience supervised detox. Detoxing under the care of professionals can help you to stay safe and to experience the process in the most efficient manner possible. A successful detox can pave the way for a successful detox in our addiction recovery facility.

Dual Diagnosis

When you come to a drug rehab clinic, you receive a screening for dual diagnosis mental health issues. This is of utmost importance. For example, you may learn that your addiction is being exacerbated by a mental illness. Even if the two are unrelated to one another, you can receive assistance for whatever ails you at our Pleasant Hill substance abuse treatment facility.

Safety and Care

Working with caring individuals who are concerned about your safety leads to a more fruitful experience as well. The employees at our Pleasant Hill addiction recovery center want you to feel comfortable learning more about yourself and getting the assistance that you need.


Interacting with other people is an empowering step on your road to recovery, and our addiction treatment clinic in Pleasant Hill allows you to do so. You can establish friendships, you can be there for one another during your time in the treatment center and after you leave the Addiction Now facility. Healthy social bonds play a significant role in your recovery, highlighting the importance of choosing a rehab center that emphasizes these connections.


Communicating with your peers during community-building activities allows you to have the opportunity for free expression. You also have these opportunities during your interactions with the staff members as well. The ability to release your thoughts can help you determine the source of your addiction and the best methods to overcome it.

Individual Plan

If you walk into a facility and are put into the exact same treatment plan as the person who stepped in before you, you may not get the treatment you need. While it is possible that two people may need a similar treatment, we will provide a consultation to determine the best program for you. In addition to that, the program should be modified to address your growing and changing needs during your time here at our Addiction Now drug rehab center in Pleasant Hill.

Process of Treatment

You should also go through a process that is specific to your needs. After detox, you may attend different types of therapy sessions. Also, when you are finished with your time at the treatment facility, you can still receive support. Opting for an aftercare program means that you are covered from beginning to end to help guide you a better life.
Recovering from an addiction might seem like a long journey right now. Fortunately, you can work with trained professionals at our addiction treatment center in Pleasant Hill, Iowa to gain the assistance that you need. Your time at the treatment center allows you to have a more fulfilling existence. Don’t wait, call Addiction Now today.

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