Sioux Center Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The Process of Recovery Begins with Supervised Detox

When you are addicted to substances and need a Sioux Center, Iowa addiction recovery program, contact us. Here at Addiction Now, the process of recovery starts with supervised detox. Some people may try to detox at home, but this can quickly lead to dangerous complications. When you withdraw from substances without staying at our substance abuse treatment facility for supervision, you are taking a risk. Stay safe and secure during withdrawal symptoms by being supervised in our facility, which will monitor your symptoms and help you as needed.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Drug Rehab Centers

Many addicts are individuals who struggle with a dual diagnosis. All this means is that you are diagnosed with addiction and you have a co-occurring mental health diagnosis, such as anxiety or depression. It is common for those with addiction to struggle with a co-occurring mental health condition, and roughly half of those people who struggle with substance abuse also deal with a co-occurring disorder. For people who need dual diagnosis treatment, this provides an opportunity to focus on addiction and mental health needs at the same time.

When to Expect at our Addiction Treatment Center

You will find a sense of community when you enter treatment at our Sioux Center, Iowa drug rehab facility. The staff you meet are there to help guide you in the recovery process. Other individuals who are there for treatment will share their stories during group therapy sessions. You will get the chance to share your own story, and to work with a counselor to talk about your treatment needs. The environment will be professional, and you will be treated with empathy and respect.

Understanding Your Treatment Plan

In our Sioux Center, Iowa addiction recovery center, a treatment plan is a guide that allows you to know what to expect next when it comes to your treatment. You will have plenty of input when it comes to writing your treatment plan, and you can make changes if your treatment needs change.

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