Washington Drug and Alcohol Rehab

In every successful recovery from drug addiction, there comes a point when the person suffering from addiction realizes help is needed to win the battle. If you have come to this smart realization, then it is time to seek help from our substance abuse treatment facility in Washington, Iowa. Our rehab services are just what you need to free yourself from the yoke of drug addiction. Check out the ways that we can aid you in your addiction recovery.

Detoxing the Right Way

Trying to reach recovery on your own is a dangerous exercise that may end in relapse. One of the chief reasons for this is that going through detox by yourself is so hard. Instead of sweating through detox by yourself, you should detox the right way by entering our drug detox clinic in Washington, Iowa. Under the watchful eye of our caring staff, you will experience a supervised detox during which you will remain safe and comfortable at all times.

Your Ideal Treatment Plan

At our Washington, Iowa addiction treatment center, our staff will work tirelessly to keep your recovery plan optimized for your unique treatment needs. We have a huge range of treatment options to choose from, and we will add and subtract elements as needed to keep your treatment tailored to you. This kind of individualized recovery plan is the best way to keep your moving forward as effectively as possible.

Dual Diagnosis Recovery Program

One of the key components of our addiction recovery facility in Washington, Iowa is the mental health treatment we offer our clients. Many people who battle drug addiction also have co-occurring mental health issues that need to be addressed as part of their recovery. With dual diagnosis mental health treatment, you will be sure to get the support you need to overcome any co-occurring mental health disorder.

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