Coffeyville Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Some people do not really understand the importance of going to a drug rehab center to get help with an addiction. Some think that getting sober at home is something they can do, so they never seek help from a facility like the Addiction Now drug rehab center in Coffeyville, Kansas. However, if you want to really focus on your sobriety, enrolling at an addiction treatment clinic is a great first step to take. These are some of the main things we focus on in our addiction recovery center we can help you with if you are ready to start your recovery journey.

Safe and Monitored Detoxing

For most people, getting through detox the biggest obstruction block long-term sobriety. After using substances for weeks, months or years, it can be difficult to turn away from them. Plus, the withdrawal symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable and difficult to deal with. At our Coffeyville addiction treatment center, we have helped many people get off of and alcohol in a safe way, and we have the knowledge and experience to help you do so in a safe and comfortable manner. Here, you will not be left alone to deal with the withdrawals. Instead, you’ll be monitored closely by a team of compassionate and qualified professionals.

Attention to Mental Health Issues

Some people do not realize that mental health issues can actually go hand-in-hand with addiction. This is something that we know and focus on in our facility. Here, we understand that a dual-diagnosis can make a huge difference in a person’s life and can help him or her stay sober.

Help from Qualified, Compassionate Professionals

One of the most important parts of a drug rehab clinic is its staff members, and we understand this very well here at Addiction Now. That is why we have worked hard to hire the best professionals we can for each job. Our staff members are all well-qualified, well-trained, and incredibly compassionate. They will work with you one-on-one during this journey.

Support from Other Clients

Some of our clients don’t really like to open up to others. Others, however, find a lot of support from talking to other clients in our facility. If you are looking for support or if you just want to vent during this tough time, you can find a great sense of community here at our facility.

As you can see, here at our substance abuse treatment facility in Coffeyville, we put a large focus on making sure that you have what you need to get sober. If you are ready to find out more about our addiction recovery facility in Coffeyville to get help with your drug or alcohol problems, contact Addiction Now today. At our addiction recovery facility in Coffeyville, Kansas, we will help you find an aftercare program that will guide you through the rest of your recovery. Don’t wait any longer, give us a call today and we will begin setting up your free consultation.

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