Fairmount Drug and Alcohol Rehab

There’s no singular formula for overcoming addiction, if you’re currently struggling with substance abuse, you should know that the surest path to recovery is to take time at a drug rehab center. We hope you’ll consider our Fairmount, Kansas addiction recovery center if you’ve determined that you should take part in an addiction recovery program.

Safe Detox

Physical withdrawal symptoms may occur as your body works to detox itself from prolonged substance abuse. These symptoms can be a challenge, since they can cause discomfort and in some cases may even be dangerous. At our Fairmount, Kansas addiction treatment clinic, we provide supervision so as to ensure clients are safe and comfortable when working through the withdrawal symptoms that can accompany detox. Working through detox under professional supervision helps improve the odds of success.


Individual therapy sessions will serve as a bedrock for your therapeutic schedule, but you’ll also take part in a number of other types of therapy while you are progressing through our program. Our drug rehab center will connect you with therapists who understand the nature of addiction and who will be able to help you hone your skills as you work through your recovery journey. Your therapist will also help you track your progress and identify what techniques work best for you.

Dual Diagnosis

In addition to providing treatment for your addiction, therapy sessions will also help you determine whether you are struggling with any co-occurring mental health disorders. Roughly half of the clients at our facility have a co-occurring mental health disorder. In those cases, we provide dual diagnosis mental health treatment, which allows up to give our clients the best chance at reaching their goals for recovery.

Group Therapy

Individual therapy is essential, but it is only part of the story. Group therapy is an indispensable complement. Our Fairmount, Kansas substance abuse treatment facility will connect you with others who are working toward recovery, and together, mutual support will be achieved. It’s common to feel anxious in group settings, but taking steps to work through these initial fears will lead to rewarding and supportive relationships. Many of our clients ultimately find group therapy to be one of their favorite aspects of treatment.

Most people facing addiction have goals that substance abuse is making impossible to achieve. While at our Fairmount, Kansas drug rehab clinic, clients will have time to reflect on those goals they’d like to achieve. After graduating from our addiction recovery program, clients have the opportunity to pursue new life free from the bonds of addiction.

We know that you have many more questions about our addiction recovery program here in Fairmount, Kansas, and we’d love to answer them for you. Contact one of our friendly specialists by phone today, and you can begin your journey to recovery sooner than you’d expect.

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