Lansing Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Supervised detox in our Lansing, Kansas drug detox clinic is the first step in getting our clients onto the road to sobriety. It is essential because it allows the body to rid itself of the harmful toxins that are the inevitable consequence of addiction. During this process, clients overcome their physical dependence on drugs or alcohol. We provide this service as part of our addiction recovery program, so clients can seamlessly transfer from detox to treatment within our substance abuse treatment facility.

Detox differs from treatment. In treatment, clients receive counseling, group therapy, and treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders. Treatment occurs at our addiction recovery center, and we also provide aftercare treatment. Detox occurs before treatment and consists of managing the process of withdrawal, so clients are able to focus their efforts on therapy during treatment. Supervised detox in drug rehab centers is the surest way to ensure recovery.

Why is supervised detox important?

Experts recommend detoxification be completed under supervision at an addiction recovery facility. Supervision provides for the client’s safety. Drug and alcohol detox can sometimes be accompanied by severe withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are so painful and uncomfortable that without professional management, many people attempting to quit drugs or alcohol return to substance abuse to discontinue the symptoms.

Under supervised detox at our drug rehab facility, clients are made comfortable while their systems adjust to being substance free. Staff at our addiction treatment centers are trained to assist clients with any needs that arise from the detox process. This includes difficulties from the withdrawal process itself and treatment of any conditions that may be aggravated during the withdrawal process.

Withdrawal symptoms and the length of detox varies by the individual client. What drug dependencies have been formed, physical status, age, and duration of drug use are all factors in the severity of withdrawal and the time it takes for the body to adjust to functioning without the harmful substances. Some drugs pose life threatening danger if withdrawal commences without supervision.

Admission to an addiction treatment center is critical. Withdrawal from severe addiction to these substances can constitute a medical emergency.

Addiction to prescription opiates also often results from dangerous, unauthorized, or unintended use of drugs such as hydrocodone and oxycodone. These drugs are extremely difficult to quit because of intense withdrawal symptoms. Prompt treatment is crucial because of the drastic health effects of opiate addiction.

Illicit drug addiction requires immediate admission to an addiction recovery center. Opiates like heroin and stimulants like cocaine and methamphetamine cause severe damage to the human body that can be irreversible without intervention. These drugs are often used in powerful quantities that cause rapid and severe addiction. The result is a situation where the body cannot function without the substance, no matter how much harm the substance causes. Supervised detox followed by treatment offers a safe path to life without illicit drugs.

A detox program is the first step in addiction recovery. For clients to remain off drugs and alcohol, it must be followed by treatment. Our treatment programs are tailored to address the individual needs of our clients, including addressing any mental health issues that contribute to addictions. Clients are welcomed into a community at our addiction recovery facility, where they are encouraged to speak honestly about their struggle and receive the support necessary for recovery. We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients are able to access the quality addiction recovery treatment they deserve. When you’re ready to overcome addiction and begin working your way toward your recovery goals, get in touch with one of the friendly experts at our drug rehab clinic.

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