Merriam Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Addiction has a negative effect on millions of individuals every year. Because of the increasing awareness of addiction, there are drug rehab centers located all over the United States that specialize in helping individuals overcome addiction. Our substance abuse treatment facility in Merriam, Kansas offers clients a variety of advantages. Addiction Now has a friendly and knowledgeable staff who care about each client, and our addiction treatment center in Merriam is designed so clients can recover in a clean and safe environment. The rehabilitation process is a series of stages that will result in a life free of drugs. At Addiction Now, we take the rehabilitation process seriously and ensure each client receives a tailor-made treatment plan to help them during addiction recovery.

Intake is the first stage in the rehabilitation process and will occur when clients arrive at our drug rehab facility. Intake is a crucial step in the process because it lets our staff better understand each client’s unique situation. Although intake can be nerve-wracking for some, it provides our staff with vital information that is needed to develop an effective treatment program. It is also important for clients to provide information that is accurate because being dishonest during intake can have a negative influence on the rest of the rehabilitation process.

An addiction recovery program in Merriam always creates individualized treatment plans, which will significantly increase the chances of a successful recovery. An individualized treatment program is beneficial because it addresses unique issues that resulted in addiction. Not everyone is the same, and not everyone’s treatment plan should be the same. Individualized treatment programs are highly effective and essential for a successful recovery. Addiction Now develops individualized treatment programs for each client, and the staff will make any adjustments to the program during treatment to benefit the client.

Addiction Now is an addiction recovery center in Merriam offers dual diagnosis treatment. Physical dependence and mental health disorders are connected, so it is imperative to treat both conditions at the same time. When an individual has a mental health disorder and an addiction, it is known as a dual diagnosis. Co-occurring disorders are common among those with an addiction because one disorder contributes to the other, so an individual with a mental disorder has an increased risk for developing an addiction and vice versa. Dual diagnosis treatment enables clients to learn how to cope with co-occurring disorders.

An addiction treatment program will also include individual and group therapy sessions. The primary difference between these two is that one takes place in a group setting and one is private counseling. Individual therapy sessions provide clients with the opportunity to speak openly about their addiction because the sessions are confidential. Group therapy provides clients the opportunity to build communication skills. There are instances where some individuals will not feel comfortable talking during a group session, which is normal. One of the primary purposes of group therapy is that it increases positive and effective communication skills, but clients do not have to speak if they do not feel comfortable. With time, many clients will feel comfortable expressing their feelings and past experiences with fellow clients.

When therapy is complete, clients will be ready to make the transition back to their daily life. Inpatient and outpatient programs include aftercare services. Aftercare is an essential stage in the rehabilitation process, and Addiction Now recommends every client continue with aftercare until it is no longer needed. Our aftercare programs at Addiction Now are structured to help clients stay sober with support and encouragement. Recovering from addiction is difficult, and some clients may choose to participate in an aftercare program for years after their initial program is concluded.

At Addiction Now, our addiction recovery facility in Merriam, Kansas that takes each client’s situation seriously. Addiction Now is more than a drug detox clinic, it is a quality addiction treatment facility that provides clients with a setting that feels like home.

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