Ottawa (Franklin County) Drug and Alcohol Rehab

A drug addiction can have a severe impact on a person, and every facet of their lives. For people struggling against a substance dependency, it can seem overwhelming to try to move beyond it and live a normal life. But there is help available. There are treatment programs in and around Ottawa that can boost a person in their efforts to move past addiction and leave drugs behind for good.

Ottawa Addiction Treatment Programs

There are various types of treatment programs available in and around Ottawa, that also cater to those in need from nearby cities like Gardner, Lawrence and Olathe. These programs give people the care and support they need to move on from drugs. The two main types of treatment programs are inpatient and outpatient. No matter which a person picks, it is likely to start with a period of detox to get the drug out of the patient’s system. Once this has happened, they will receive therapy aimed at helping them make a lasting lifestyle change. This will include learning strategies to tackle the ongoing drug cravings and maintain their new drug-free behavior.

Ottawa Inpatient Drug Facilities

Ottawa inpatient drug detox centers are ready to help anyone detoxify their body from addictive drugs. The inpatient detox centers in and around Ottawa have programs designed for people who want to overcome addiction in a safe and clean environment, while being kept away from their usual environment so they can focus on recovery. Patients will check into a facility and live there while they undergo treatment, surrounded by full-time support staff.

The first step at an inpatient facility will be a detox period to cleanse their bodies of any remaining drugs under the medical supervision of trained experts. These programs are designed to provide comprehensive care and are ideal for people with severe addictions. They can help people overcome addictions to heroin, ecstasy, prescription drugs and meth, as well as other substances, and can be very effective in helping all genders and ages break free from drug addiction.

In addition to providing medical supervision to help patients through the physical aspects of drug detoxification, Ottawa inpatient drug detox centers also help a person to get through the emotional and cognitive aspects of substance use disorders. Inpatient programs help patients to break the cycle of dependence while under constant care. Each patient will learn a range of healthy coping strategies and ways to remove themselves from the environment where they may have been using drugs in the past. Each program is individualized for the patient, and so it can vary in length. People will usually stay at an inpatient center from 30 to 90 days, but it could be longer or shorter, based on their needs and response to treatment.

A physician who is experienced in treating addiction will supervise each individual case, and each patient will work with professionals who are experienced in the detox process. Daily counseling will help patients to sort through the mental aspects associated with substance use disorders. When a person has completed an inpatient program, he or she will have the opportunity to continue their care with outpatient counseling and other supportive care services.

Ottawa Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

An outpatient program in Ottawa will give patients the chance to receive many of the same treatments as with inpatient care, but will not require them to stay at a facility full-time. Instead, they will be able to stay at home and commute to a facility for regular treatment sessions. These sessions will likely be more frequent and intensive at the start of the process, when the patient needs the most help.

A downside of outpatient treatment is that it does not remove the patient from the environment which previously fueled their addiction. However, for many people the flexibility outpatient care provides is a major plus. It could allow them to maintain a job or schooling while getting the help they need.

All addiction treatment programs will help a person learn to move past an addiction and enjoy a drug-free life. Our experts can help people identify the program in or around Ottawa that may be the best fit for them.

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