Salem Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Life with addiction is difficult. However, the prospect of avoiding substance abuse can seem daunting, especially for those who’ve tried to stop using substances on their own in the past. Professional help from our drug rehab clinic can provide you with the support you need. We offer a better chance of reaching recovery goals and learning the skills necessary to maintain recovery in the future. Here are a few ways our Salem, Kansas addiction recovery facility can help you get the care you need.

Recovery from addiction requires working through detoxification, which is the process that occurs as your body purges the remnants of the substances you have used from its system. This can be accompanied by withdrawal symptoms, which can be uncomfortable, or in some instances, even dangerous. Fortunately, supervised detox means our staff will be nearby to offer their support and make sure you are safe throughout the recovery process.
In addition to ensuring your safety, supervised detox means that you won’t face the temptation to abuse substances to self-medicate the symptoms. At our Salem, Kansas addiction treatment center, clients will have experts on hand to provide support and supervision.

Addictions vary significantly, and different people will need different treatment strategies to manage substance abuse. Through individual therapy, clients will meet one on one to explore various options for handling the urges that addiction can cause. Furthermore, individual therapy will help clients identify any co-occurring conditions might be complicating their recovery. At our drug rehab center, clients with a co-occurring disorder will receive a personalized treatment plan based on dual diagnosis, which allows for treatment of both the addiction and any co-occurring disorder with which the client may be struggling.

Recovery from addiction is difficult to face alone, and group therapy sessions offer a forum for clients to speak with others who know what addiction is like. The supportive environment at our Salem, Kansas addiction treatment clinic gives clients a safe space for expressing their concerns, and it helps people share their struggles and what works for them. It can be daunting to open up, but honesty can go a long way toward uncovering the nature of one’s addiction.

A Feeling of Safety

Addiction can be scary. Recovery can seem daunting at first, but clients at our Salem, Kansas addiction recovery center will find themselves reaching their goals for recovery with the help of our friendly and well-trained experts. Every member of our staff is committed to helping our clients in their journeys.

Group therapy is part of the foundation of our addiction recovery treatment programs. Although the process of opening up and being honest with others can be difficult at first, it’s a rewarding experience that will yield powerful results. Those who learn and practice tools learned at our addiction recovery facility will find themselves capable of maintaining their recovery.

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