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Addiction recovery consists of detoxification, therapy, and aftercare. To be effective, these steps must be incorporated into an addiction recovery program tailored to the needs of each individual client. Effective recovery takes the health history or the client into account and treats any underlying or contributing physical or mental conditions. Addiction Now provides a supportive environment, where honesty can be practiced without fear of judgment. Openness and honesty are encouraged at our drug rehab center in Lyndon, Kentucky.

During detoxification, the body begins to expel the toxins that kept you dependent upon your drug of choice and you will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms. This process can be painful and intimidating to both the person experiencing it and his or her loved ones. Symptoms such as severe nausea, shaking, sweating, insomnia, agitation, and panic attacks are common with many types of drugs. Depression, fatigue, and cognitive dysfunction are also caused by withdrawal from drugs. Because these symptoms make getting through this process difficult, supervised detox in our Lyndon drug detox clinic must be employed for safe and effective detoxification.

Severe cases of withdrawal can result in convulsions and seizures. Other complications, such as extreme agitation, paranoia, and hallucinations require supervised detoxification in our Lyndon addiction treatment facility.

Detox at our substance abuse treatment facility in Lyndon consists of evaluating the client, stabilizing the client, and transitioning the client to treatment, which all occurs in the drug rehab facility. Upon admission, clients are made to feel welcome and introduced to a supportive, nonjudgmental community. This is important because during treatment, clients are encouraged to speak honestly about their struggles.

During evaluation, our addiction recovery facility in Lyndon professionals complete tests to determine the severity of withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms vary by individual. Factors like age, level of use, length of use, and health conditions play a large role in the severity of withdrawal symptoms. An assessment of the client’s physical and mental health is taken. Screening for co-occurring mental illness at the Lyndon addiction recovery center is mandatory. To break free of addiction, clients need to manage mental health conditions that are exacerbating and contributing to the addiction.

Stabilization must be achieved during detoxification before the client is ready to enter our addiction treatment center therapy program. Clients are comfortable and supervised while their withdrawal symptoms progress and abate. Proper diets are administered to facilitate the return of physical health. Then you will begin individual therapy with a personal counselor to help you create an individualized addiction treatment program. You will also go to group therapy sessions to help you gain advice and insight. With the client’s consent, friends and family can be included during treatment and therapies.

As clients complete therapy, they learn what to expect from treatment and prepare to make it a positive experience. A treatment plan based on the individual client’s needs. The plan assists clients with mental health treatment needs as well as those with social and physical needs that must be addressed for treatment to be successful.

In therapy, clients have the opportunity to work with each other and health care providers to discover ways to live without substance abuse. Clients are helped to discover the underlying reasons for their addictions. They also learn what triggers relapse. Many clients find it helpful to share their stories and hear the stories of other clients. It is enormously helpful for clients to know they are not alone and that their addiction can be overcome.

Aftercare is the essential component to relapse prevention. Clients with dual diagnosis, which is when you are going through a drug addiction and mental health issues continue to receive support and therapy. Clients are never alone, even after leaving Addiction Now drug rehab centers. They have worked hard to take back control of their lives, and our aftercare professionals ensure they remain drug-free. You can do this. All you have to do to get started is call our addiction treatment center in Lyndon, Kentucky today for a free consultation.

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